A dramatic end.

When I registered to join TMBT (the most beautiful thing) ultra trail run, a few month back, was to satisfy myself from my unsatisfactory performance doing the BUTM. With that determination, I planned to train properly and work hard for the coming race. My target was about 7-8 hours at the least, which is few hours from cut-off time.

However for many reasons and unexpected circumstances, what we plan sometimes we do not get, I never got to train as much as I wanted. It would be the weather, work schedule, some things I had to do, etc. With the event coming closer, it became obvious that my performance is not getting better but the opposite. The only preparation that I have was just the painful experience from the past trail run. 

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err 01

Just came home from my work duty, and as usual, check all my camera stuff, batteries, camera, lenses from my dry box and then something happened… My 24-70mm died, useless. The display error was err01 “check contact point” so I checked, cleaned the contact point but sadly still nothing happen. The aperture got stuck (the aperture is equivalent to an iris of our eye balls, same function for the lens also) I googled and one of the reason was that the camera was unable to receive response from lens, so needles to say, the lens is ‘dead’ I suspect it was a connection, cable, electronic in the lens problem or something. ~20 April.

Sadly, wondering how this could happen as my lens was not subjected to rigorous use or rough conditions, carefully kept in a nice dry box throughout and had only fallen once in its lifetime of 5 years, but that was quite some time ago with luckily only a slight dent on the barrel. Frustrated, yet optimistic that this is a minor fault which can be fixed, I went to the canon service center, left my details, and within a week, wait for the repair quotation.

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the food journal

It started when I was waiting for my order to arrive at the table, my cup of coffee usually arrives first then followed by my food, while waiting, I’d take a picture of the nice presentation of my cup of coffee and when the food comes, do the same too. They made an effort giving a good presentation so why not appreciate it right? Pause for a moment and enjoy the appetising look before you engulf them, it taste better. Then I got an idea, (after uploading it to insta) paste the photo to a note creating app, scribble, comment, note, reminder, etc, did I like it or not, mark it as a place to come again or just avoid 😉 Just doodling while waiting for the bill but after few pages, accumulating and looking back, it looks kind of cool and fun. So thus, this was how the ‘scrapbook’ came about.

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trail 32

With a blister at the bottom of my feet, sore and aching legs, limping, I walked under the hot sunny skies around the market, still too early for my flight home. It took a lot of effort getting off bed on my own that morning. Sleeping the past three nights was really agonising. Every-time I adjusted my sleeping position it ached. I don’t know if I moved because of the pain or to relieve the ache. Everything from my mid section to the toes hurts.

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suunto 9 baro

I have been using my Suunto ambit for quite sometime now, 5 years give or take, and it’s time to get a battery change as the capacity of the rechargeable battery was declining. So I went to the dealer and inquired about that while eyeing innocently at the display cabinet behind displaying the new Suunto line up. 🙂

Fast forward, I got a Suunto 9 baro that day which have since replaced my ambit2. Was it a smart move or an unnecessary upgrade? I can’t really make sure before I got to use the new watch so this is like a gamble and for RM2500 (USD600), it better be a good bet.

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lets run

I run/jog as a training requirement to maintain my fitness level. That’s all I ever used it for. Back at school, coach would make us go 5 laps around the field, and that was only the warming up session, the few weeks we first started, almost everyone threw-up, but we felt the effect soon afterwards, we had stamina, endurance, like never before. Running was just a routine for another purpose in sport, for cardiovascular exercise, it was either aerobics, or running, of course I voted running.

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A new book. Migrating.

I acquired a new mcBook recently replacing the old and almost ‘vintage’ 2013, (more than 5 years it will be vintage said the sales guy) and horrified when thinking that I must migrate all the heart and soul of my old Mac to the new one… Alright that’s a bit over dramatic… But, some of the program that I have, are invaluable… the lightroom for example, Adobe, has a strange way of installing to a machine, so when you do this kind of thing, from my previous experience, was not very pleasant… the THOUSANDS of photo file, segregated as catalogue, gets jumbled, mixed up, missing and messy. That was migrating from PC to Mac. 

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