A half boiled egg

the egg …

One of the most simple food and basic source of protein, which can be cooked and eaten in many ways… omelette, sunny side up, boiled etc…

I like them anyway they are prepared but today, it came to my interests when they are half boiled. Here this ubiquitous breakfast is a coffee shop staple and a favorite of many here enjoyed, with the runny yolk and whites. Maybe slightly different form other parts of the world.

the container…

The Yellow container in the picture below… is the simplest way to make a half boiled egg. However, there’s a small component of that gadget is missing which is a round shaped, riddled plastic disc placed at the bottom of the container, between the egg and base of the container, which purpose in my sense of logic is to regulate the water flow dripping out to the bottom of the container.

The origin, creator, history of this container is not known to me… enlighten me if anyone got an idea.😁

the container

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Adventure caving

Caving, is one of the activities that we can do at Mulu National Park. Categorised into, intermediate and advanced caving… one has to complete the intermediate caving activity first before allowed to go for the advanced adventure caving option. This is to allow the guide to assess the individual, if they are able handle themselves when doing the required activity such as rope abseiling, ascending, wall climbing etc.

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Broga, a weekend

It’s just a Hill…

#hiking #outdoor #sunrise #landscape

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Situated at Semenyih somewhere in Selangor…

In the beginning, Broga hill (400m a.m.s.l elevation) was not that popular… Surrounded by palm oil estates and forest.  Known probably only to the locals and the first climbers who explored the area or summit probably wasn’t even a little bit keen updating their selfies in insta.

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Peculiar world

Years ago…

Living in the big city, where I am used to, growing up, to a sophisticated world. Suddenly, I had a chance to move to a somewhat “calmer” (different) environment.

After many years, I am at the same spot, where I once had been…  to a familiar place, the first floor of one of the busiest mall in the city. Nothing in particular, just observing, the people, life and atmosphere. Continue reading “Peculiar world”

The Garden of Eden

always wanted to go..

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Recently, while was in Mulu national park. I booked a short tour to one of hidden places named  in the program brochure as “The garden of Eden valley walk”. Cost at RM120 per person, minimum 3 Pax and maximum of 8 or so if not mistaken, as the park authorities are very conscious of the environment and do have quotas on certain activities and human presence at certain areas and time per day.

inside Deer cave

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