Peculiar world

Years ago…

Living in the big city, where I am used to, growing up, to a sophisticated world. Suddenly, I had a chance to move to a somewhat “calmer” (different) environment.

After many years, I am at the same spot, where I once had been…  to a familiar place, the first floor of one of the busiest mall in the city. Nothing in particular, just observing, the people, life and atmosphere. Continue reading “Peculiar world”



This is a story of Bolat, a cat that lived far away in the suburbs, where there’s no access by road, where the electricity is powered by generators and telephone line is weather dependent. Water is pumped from a nearby river and if the generator fails, there’s a threat to the water supply.

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The stress back at home.

back from the outlands

After a month isolated, the time to go home finally came. Generally, it’s the time where everyone’s eager no matter who, what you’re doing if it’s work or backpacking or from a holiday, or if you are far at the other side of the planet or just a few hours plane ride, home is still in a sense, our comforting realm, heavenly kingdom. Or is it?

What a small #snail #6d #32mm

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Hunting ‘Wolves of The Calla’

Book fair, November 15, 2015

It was at one of the used book fair I visited… The books are old, soiled, worn (smelled funny even)  but still readable. Not looking for anything specific, just scanning for my favourite author(s), or the very least, my favourite genre, novels, thriller, action, sci-fi…

Tagged with low prices, piled on or under a table, it’s usually very difficult to leave empty-handed, me and my sister would surely get something by the end of our rounds. That day we got back with these, about 30 books from the both of us at least.


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