Urban decay


What a pity it came to this end, nobody would want it to be like this,  sometimes it is just not fair…

tree house..?

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The stress back at home.

back from the outlands

After a month isolated, the time to go home finally came. Generally, it’s the time where everyone’s eager no matter who, what you’re doing if it’s work or backpacking or from a holiday, or if you are far at the other side of the planet or just a few hours plane ride, home is still in a sense, our comforting realm, heavenly kingdom. Or is it?

What a small #snail #6d #32mm

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Hunting ‘Wolves of The Calla’

Book fair, November 15, 2015

It was at one of the used book fair I visited… The books are old, soiled, worn (smelled funny even)  but still readable. Not looking for anything specific, just scanning for my favourite author(s), or the very least, my favourite genre, novels, thriller, action, sci-fi…

Tagged with low prices, piled on or under a table, it’s usually very difficult to leave empty-handed, me and my sister would surely get something by the end of our rounds. That day we got back with these, about 30 books from the both of us at least.


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One afternoon it just rain..

It is the time I’m outstation again and now its the Raining season.

It 6:05 pm… Just started a heavy downpour, raining cats and dogs, they say, winds blowing, strong but not for long durations, more like a quick sweep for a few minutes and then its over… 15 minutes ago it was just cloudy with some light rain that everyone expected to have been over and expecting A nice quiet night… Few hours earlier, it was bright and cloudy, I was even planning to go casting, bored doing nothing, but instinct probably avoided me from going out and true enough it started to drizzle. It would have been uncomfortable in the wet by the river at that time.


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Nature lessons, embrace and learn.

It has been some time that I haven’t written anything, been away, busy and at the same time not doing much. Sounds pretty strange, how could you be busy and not doing much but that’s the truth…. Straight to the point, I got to learn how to do some fishing (casting) how to run( trail running) in the jungle, how to read books, and how fun it is. Continue reading “Nature lessons, embrace and learn.”