Road trip – South Island, New Zealand, Part 2

continued from part 1

Day 6-10.

Day 6: Queenstown

The next morning, walk to town, after a cup of latte n scone, I continued exploring the streets throughout the day. There are some shops selling outdoor clothing’s from reputable brands there and bought a few things for myself. Basically most of the day was done window shopping and admiring all the stuff they had to offer.

$199 to drive #newzealand #travel #lamborghini #murcielago 😱

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Finished the whole day sight-seeing Queenstown and photographing while the rest of the group went bungy jumping. Cost to jump alone is NZD 180. If you want souvenirs picture jumping, that’s another NZD 45 and for picture complete with vid is NZD 80. I really liked walking the streets of Queenstown, It’s not a big city at and I finished walking the town area in just few hours, A beautiful place, so warm with everything telling you to just lay back and relax.

#streetphoto #newzealand #travel nice beautiful scenes here☺️

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seagulls hunting food…

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Road trip – South Island, New Zealand, part 1

A travelogue of our journey to the south island of New Zealand.


Arriving at LCCT earlier than the rest, I had to wait for the others. Waiting is B.O.R.I.N.G. The Internet line’s SLOW. Forget the public wi-fi at peak times and there’s nothing to do.

After a while, grab something to eat at Starbucks. For an airport like LCCT, catering A low-cost carrier airline, makes it a very busy terminal, it’s the main choice for travellers in the region, hence the crowd is just incredible. Starbucks which is normally a quiet peaceful sanctuary is just chaos, chaos, chaos here. Can’t blame the barista if they are bit tensed and hyped, even feel kind of pity for them having to endure all that while I was sitting by the counter observing for half an hour with nonstop coming orders.

Well done to them for being patient and professional… As for the rest of the airport terminal, a circus going on every hour of day.

The rest of the group came few hours later, checked in without any glitch, and were on our way.

Sydney next 7hours .. Sleeping time

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Transit- Sydney.

Flight took 7 hrs 50 min to land at Sydney. Landed Sydney 1:00 pm, local time. We just waited at the airport terminal, because the next flight to Christchurch is just a few hours. There’s some shops and eateries, enough to keep you entertained for that few hours wait, just don’t let your budget run out of control. From Sydney 7:30PM, depart to Christchurch and landed 1:30am (Christchurch time). Flight took about 3 hours. At this point the time zone was getting confusing.

Not many people at this time, Christchurch airport

With all the cafe’s and restaurant already closed, our hungry stomach made us ask the security officer at the airport where we can get some food and he pointed to us the nearest McDonald’s direction… we walked there for 15 minutes, found out that it’s closed for dine-in except for drive through customers. So the poor guy had to take our orders ran back and forth from the counter to the front door, and he did it nicely for the eight of us. We had our meal outside the restaurant in the cold and didn’t mind it though as we were too hungry.

The route,

In general, this what the drive looked liked. Probably some discrepancy but for viewing purposes it is as close as it can get.

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