Travels to West Europe. Part 2

Part two travel diary, Zermatt and Paris. A link to view my flickr photo album and part 1. Istanbul, Rome, Florence, Venice and the Bernina express.


18/5 Took the 6am train from Zurich, few exchanges later, arrived Zermatt. Wonderful place and town of the Matterhorn.


The neighborhood #zermatt #travel #backpacking #switzerland

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It was 10:00, some shops are just beginning to open, reached the hostel, no one was around except for a cat.

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Travels to West Europe. Part 1

Travels to western Europe, a diary and note, what begin as an idea turned out to be an adventure… nothing but a mere two weeks of planning and what seems to be a simple journey turned to be the an amazing experience. Part one, Istanbul, Rome, Florence, Venice and the Bernina express.

Istanbul, First stop.

The flight to Dubai took 7hrs. 13 hrs transit and another 4hrs from Dubai to Istanbul, Emirates flights are so cool, even at economy fare the service was excellent. They even gave me meal voucher for the transit in Dubai, not first class lounge but still good.

#travel #emirates #dubai

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Planning backpacking: Europe

the destination does not matter it is the journey.

It started as an ambition and ended as an itenary, having done some intensive reading, fluctuating market on currency exchange, and considering everything, timing and season, the plan to travel backpacking for 2 weeks finally came to life. In two weeks, I made some reading, research planning and finally everything was done. The tickets booked, and travel arrangements made.

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