How did it began.

Photography is a hobby, passion and part of my schedule… Sometimes I wonder, do I love my work more or do I love photography more. Nature, sight-seeing and exploring, goes really well with photography. I try to go places as much as possible take meaningful pictures and share them…

  1. Street photo is my favorite, just love the candid scene and the reality portrays, everything is sincere.
  2. Nature and landscape photography is a way of expressing my love for nature and life, we don’t do much for nature but at least appreciate it and share the beauty with others.
  3. Carry as little gear as possible, always keep in mind… but sometimes that is just myth. Being able to get good pictures, is being prepared and always ready.

When I first heard of “blogs” (that was a few years back.. ) I said .”huh.? what’s a blog.. what that for.. ? is it fun.?? and that’s the end of it..

Suddenly today.. I feel like starting it…. I  don’t have much idea, as I am not at writer.. and I don’t like to talk much.. well at least this page can promise less reading and more pictures?.. Anyway, this was not all my idea. I like taking pic’s and some friends “encouraged ” me  in writing and starting a blog… so here I am.

february 2011.

For six years, this blog has grown (or not) to something from an experiment to be something like a valued ‘treasure’…

I knew the consequences when changing the old site address to ( getting a new ‘niche’ :p ) but I just chucked it aside.

Sure, the time taking writing all the post, do raise the sentimental ‘value’, but what is important is that as you look backwards, and project the future, you can see the way we change, how our(my) perspective changed, how we think and view our surroundings evolve (another way of saying I’m getting old 🙂 )

I do not know how this site will be in the future, maybe it will vanish in a few years to come or maybe it will continue to evolve as well, maybe I’ll pass it on to someone else, my kids? my friends? to continue writing and be the owner of this site? An interesting possibility that it is enough for the moment to motivate me to keep going on…

What ever it is, at the moment this site has proudly  been for a well 6 years and still counting.

september 2016.

to be continued…

Got any enquiries, go ahead. I’ll reply as soon as possible.


7 thoughts on “How did it began.

    1. Thanks Dom…. At present, I have a Tamron 17-50 f/2.8, that goes with my EF 24-70mm 2.8. I usually use these two the most often, so I am not sure which pictures are you referring to… sometimes the 70-200 comes in, but that’s quite seldom.. anyway, I’d be happy to point out which is which if you re intersted. 🙂

      Next time I’ll just label the lens with the pictures for reference.. :-p

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