First time backpacking China (part 2)

part 2 of 2 (continuation of part 1)

June 12, 2015. A long journey.

Arrived Huaihua at 11:20 and thought that we would missed the train as the ticket to Zhangjiajie was scheduled at 11:30, found out train to Zhangjiajie is 14:00 and instructed to change ticket. Changed the time to 14:00 without extra charge, Arrived Zhangjiajie south train station at 17:00. Total of 17 hour travel time. :-/

a light meal on the train

14:00, depart to Zhangjiajie, arrive 18:00.

Searched for a hotel nearby the station and cable car, walk-in. Got one for ¥180 per night. Booked for 2 nights.

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First time backpacking China

Once upon a time in China…

part 1 of 2

“西安” in the name Xi’an mean “Western Peace” Travel diary to China 2015, traveller story, tips and maybe something new. Trying to write about the biggest place on earth as elementary as possible.

June 5, 2015 landed xian at 23:30

Taxi pickup to hostel ¥150. Check-in Ancient Youth Hostel, ¥50 per night and went to bed. Continue reading “First time backpacking China”

Backpacking Korea. Part 2

continued from part 1

day 6

flight to Jeju island.

Took the LRT to Gimpo international airport, checked in and one hour later, landed Jeju. Different from the main land. Jeju do not have subways train so public transportation was dependent on bus or taxi.

Hello #jeju #korea #travel #backpacking

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First time backpacking Korea. Part 1

Busan, Seoul.

before departure, Tune hotel KLIA2.

Trying out the room at tune hotel KLIA2, very nice clean and beautiful, moderately sized, comfortable, 20 channels of flat screen tv, including movies and sport, but for the price RM168, it’s still expensive by local standards. The same rate else where would get better rooms with view, probably swimming pool and gym facilities not to mention complimentary breakfast. Then again, overnight at the terminal building floors, or a bed and cozy blanket. Continue reading “First time backpacking Korea. Part 1”