A half boiled egg

the egg …

One of the most simple food and basic source of protein, which can be cooked and eaten in many ways… omelette, sunny side up, boiled etc…

I like them anyway they are prepared but today, it came to my interests when they are half boiled. Here this ubiquitous breakfast is a coffee shop staple and a favorite of many here enjoyed, with the runny yolk and whites. Maybe slightly different form other parts of the world.

the container…

The Yellow container in the picture below… is the simplest way to make a half boiled egg. However, there’s a small component of that gadget is missing which is a round shaped, riddled plastic disc placed at the bottom of the container, between the egg and base of the container, which purpose in my sense of logic is to regulate the water flow dripping out to the bottom of the container.

The origin, creator, history of this container is not known to me… enlighten me if anyone got an idea.ūüėĀ

the container

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making ketupat video

Ketupat is a dish made from glutinous rice, that is wrapped with woven coconut leaves.

The coconut leaves is woven into a pouch like container, then filled with the rice, after that it’s cooked (boiled) in water or in this case water added with coconut milk which is the white coloured liquid in the video. It is a dish served during the festive season of the muslim calendar mainly Eid al-Fitr, (aidilfitri) end of the fasting month, or the Eid al-Adha (the sacrifice feast)

having the opportunity, I documented this process in video (1:45 minutes). Although this is just play and fun take, it turned out pretty good in the end. ūüôā

Identity crisis

… today I decided to change my ID, twice…

well not my real life ID, just this blog ID from walism.wordpress.com to thefoxphotographer then to this thestrad… ermm… I don’t remember..!! ¬†OMG.!

bahh, forget it… I’ll get used to it later… ¬†ūüôā

I’m changing the site address so it would be¬†easy to remember…?¬†I guess, to get more followers or maybe¬†finding my own ‘niche’. The old name is kind of boring and… well personaly it’s unique but not meaning anything. So why not try something new here. Who knows with the new site id, we can see some increase in traffic..?¬†I guess we’ll see what will happen in the next few weeks.

Anyway…¬†sorry for my¬†followers, do hope you’ll¬†find this blog again and re-follow if you wish (is there a word for that?) and continue subscribing although this blog I’m doing is nothing much but a mere rambling of a fox… haha..

Running for distance

Never had it be in my ambition to run a half marathon (21 KM), 10 is ok, 5 is fun, and a few hundred meters is good for strength, but to endure 21 KM is something not even in my wish list.

I have no real professional training , only by reading runners mag, internet and self-training. I am more used going to gym and weights, training for fitness and strength, running for stamina, cardio and fitness, that’s it, but a marathon is kind of new to me.

Last year, I did a 10 km run with the mass, and it felt kind of ‚Äėlame‚Äô because my run ended kind of quick, well, sort of. Sure, I enjoyed the run but was not worth the trouble to attend the event, thus leaving me determined to go for a 21 KM, half marathon, so¬†this year I registered, that was a few month back and with that I had to start training.

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