Reorganising your photos

In the future…

After years taking pictures, do realise the photos could add up to just so much. In my album, currently there’s about twelve thousand pictures, which at one time was over 20,000… Then, after years of procrastinating, I finally complete the daunting task of deleting (hopefully) all unwanted pictures. Continue reading “Reorganising your photos”


photography ebooks..

Resource for becoming a better photographer?

Ok, this is something that’s not new, but I’m just sharing it anyways as an affiliate.

Through the years, I’ve bought some good ebooks about photography and I feel that they can helped self-taught photographers (like myself) quite a lot. Here are some of them in my collection that you can buy. I’ve been using them time and again for references.

There are other books that I got from other places but these are  from DPS .

Just click on the images and it’ll take you to the site.


Photomarathon fun

The past week I joined the canon photo marathon organised locally. Didn’t win though and it was well expected… I did all the common mistakes and error any (dimwit) photographer newbie could possibly imagine and some of the photos are not even worth submitting… but being a good sport and good competitor, I just submitted anyway. Continue reading “Photomarathon fun”

Holiday photos

The traveller sees what he sees, the tourist sees what he has come to see.

quote-'Gilbert K.Chesterton'

Flipping my iPad, checking emails, bank accounts etc, which then lead to my flickr page, old pictures, I recalled asking friends about their travels… ‘did you took any pictures?’, ‘how many?’ and later, find out that most of them really didn’t bother much.

They focused more on shopping, buying souvenirs, eating, sightseeing, sleeping etc.

flick flick and swipe

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Free again


There was one time that Santubong mountain was free to climb, I went there the first time at 2008, then few times afterwards, until suddenly one day, there was this structure built, which I thought was nothing. Soon, they started asking for entrance fees, parking fees etc.
looks simple enough

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A smaller one…

At this time, everyone wanting to buy a point and shoot camera should have at least once heard of the sony RX100 (released three years back). With great reviews and listed as among the best compact camera at par with Panasonic LumixTZ70, Canon powershot G7, Fujifilm X100T etc…

#sony #rx100 just got a small one to carry around #photography point and shoot

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What I really like about the camera was the fact that it was small and pocketable, however, using the leather casing (free gift offered by the salesgirl) adds to the size quite a bit, I regret did not opted for a smaller carry case or just a simple pouch. I guess the words “free” and “leather” kind of took me. Continue reading “A smaller one…”