The Garden of Eden

always wanted to go..

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Recently, while was in Mulu national park. I booked a short tour to one of hidden places named  in the program brochure as “The garden of Eden valley walk”. Cost at RM120 per person, minimum 3 Pax and maximum of 8 or so if not mistaken, as the park authorities are very conscious of the environment and do have quotas on certain activities and human presence at certain areas and time per day.

inside Deer cave

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Climbing Mount Rinjani, Lombok

At 3,726 m, Rinjani is the second highest volcano in Indonesia

Landed at Lombok international airport in the morning and from the airport, the drive took about 5 hour drive to Sembalun village, with stops and lunch along the way.

19/4. First camp, first light.

6:00pm Start from village to first camp site to avoid the heat and sun. This part of trek is through open space all the way. Arrived our campsite for the day after three hours walk, 6.5 KM. Had our first dinner at camp site that night, which will be mainly rice and soup, veggie or instant noodles. Tonight camp site is an open space in the fields.

took some campsite photos while still not that sleepy
our porter tent cum kitchen.

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Madakaripura Waterfalls, East Java

Checkout 11 October 2012

Morning…. wake-up, checkout and ready by 5:00 am. The sky already bright and air getting warmer. We are all ready to go to the amazing Madakaripura waterfalls… After the nice meal and good sleep, everyone is enthusiastic about the journey.. we all know a great beautiful landscape awaits us at the end of the journey.

All packed and after checking out of our rooms, we load the van with all our bags and before leaving, took few pictures at the surrounding. Previously, since we arrived, we actually have not had the chance to even wander around… 🙂


The Van started moving at about 5:30, all along the way, a little exhausted but eager to get to the waterfalls, along the way, green scenery, plantations and the countryside, really calm and beautiful. Along the way I can see young children, about to go to schools in uniforms, this time it was a little bit busy, probably the road we took was more populated and went through urban areas more than before. After a drive through twisting and winding roads, this time more downhill rather than up, we reached the waterfalls at 7:00 am.  After a small breakfast of bread jam and butter with a banana, the 30 minute walk towards the waterfalls begins.
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landscape part 2

Landscape all around….

In part 1, I said good-bye to the sun, sunset scenes. For this part, its landscape by day or the night. Buildings, city-scape, scene, can be done by day or night. However, I prefer the darker hours to do buildings, as the lights display are so much better..  Buildings are landmarks and brings historical significance.. they last a long time and since they are always there… we tend to ignore that and take it for granted… If travelling to new places, it makes sense to take pictures of unique architecture designs and structures and take home those momentos as records of your travel.. To get cool pictures that is another story, the time-consuming process work and effort is sometime too tedious to handle. But it’s all part of a photographer life.

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climbing mountains are easy…

I have been climbing Santubong mountain (2800 feet above sea level ), trekking through the forest trails many time, again and again… why.?

 that’s for you to find out… :D.. However, to share, some of the jungle experience, you are welcome to read on…

 The climb is not easy(I admit it), about 3 hours of moving (non-stop) and at the last ¼way up (≈ 800 feet left to go) is near all vertical climb, of course there are ladders and ropes to assist you… So, to the hardcore x-treme sports people, it’s not that much of a challenge, but for those of you who gets giddy when climbing a 20-story building using the stairways you should think again. BUT not trying if given the chance is a real waste… try it first and if all efforts is poured out and dried up.. make a turn and return home.. it’s that simple right..?

posed shot.. with tripods and some ropes.

I am not an x-treme sportman myself… During my first climb, I took the LONG  #$%$ing.!! way (take note : that’s 7 hours movement..!! ), that time .. I didn’t know that there was a shorter route.  I almost fainted and died… seriously. Continue reading “Santubong”