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Climbing Mount Rinjani, Lombok

At 3,726 m, Rinjani is the second highest volcano in Indonesia

Landed at Lombok international airport in the morning and from the airport, the drive took about 5 hour drive to Sembalun village, with stops and lunch along the way.

19/4. First camp, first light.

6:00pm Start from village to first camp site to avoid the heat and sun. This part of trek is through open space all the way. Arrived our campsite for the day after three hours walk, 6.5 KM. Had our first dinner at camp site that night, which will be mainly rice and soup, veggie or instant noodles. Tonight camp site is an open space in the fields.

took some campsite photos while still not that sleepy
our porter tent cum kitchen.

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Travels to West Europe. Part 2

Part two travel diary, Zermatt and Paris. A link to view my flickr photo album and part 1. Istanbul, Rome, Florence, Venice and the Bernina express.


18/5 Took the 6am train from Zurich, few exchanges later, arrived Zermatt. Wonderful place and town of the Matterhorn.


The neighborhood #zermatt #travel #backpacking #switzerland

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It was 10:00, some shops are just beginning to open, reached the hostel, no one was around except for a cat.

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The Pinnacles, Mulu

I had the chance to climb/trek to “the pinnacles” in Mulu national park, an arduous trek and walk up hill a steep slope (3km trek 1100m ascent) , however still very possible for the moderately fit people as I would expect. The trek would take 3-4 hours (speed dependent), and there’s a requirement of reaching certain check points or markers at a defined amount of time, else the guide are required to stop your climb and order you to descend back to camp 5, the base camp of that trail.

Camp 5 before the ascending trek

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Trekking to Annapurna Base Camp

The 10 day walk

First time hearing about Nepal and trekking at the Kathmandu, I imagined the great Everest, and all that unforgiving landscape, challenging terrain to explore and experience.

every guesthouse have these maps…

The idea of taking a trip there seems kind of intimidating, it makes you think twice before going. But after a lot of reviews and reading from previous traveler experience, it does not sound so scary at all. It began with someone inviting me to join the Nepal trekking adventure and ended up planning for Annapurna base camp in Kathmandu Nepal. It will be a 10 day trek from Pokhara to Annapurna base camp, with people who I have never met, how interesting that would be I wonder. Anyway, most of the cost and planning is handled by our guide there and the ground cost per person is about USD 800, which kind of expensive compared to the blog that I’ve read and such. Continue reading Trekking to Annapurna Base Camp