Reorganising your photos

In the future…

After years taking pictures, do realise the photos could add up to just so much. In my album, currently there’s about twelve thousand pictures, which at one time was over 20,000… Then, after years of procrastinating, I finally complete the daunting task of deleting (hopefully) all unwanted pictures. Continue reading “Reorganising your photos”


Even Planes Looks Tired.

Under the tungsten light of the high-mast lamp, the yellow warm and bright light made the scene warm, gold-colored and bright lit. I made it to black and white because I liked the way the darkness of the night creeps in at the top frame of the picture, and the almost symmetrical frame of my view balanced the picture nicely to my eyes.

It was late at night and the last few passenger had just disembark from the cabin via the tail exit.

good night.. After a days’ work, the airbus rests at its bay, ready for tomorrow early morning flight,
I saw all the vehicles come rushing in, cargo bay doors opening, tow truck moving around and the ground crew doing about their business while the aircraft just sits there quietly and as if it’s sleeping, in its own way. Maybe it was the light or shadows or the people around it that made me want to take this picture, they all just feels connected.

The picture struck me as I saw it laying there seemingly tired and relieved that the day is over… reminded me of the TV program, Thomas the Train and Jay Jay the Jet PlaneContinue reading “Even Planes Looks Tired.”