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Climbing Mount Rinjani, Lombok

At 3,726 m, Rinjani is the second highest volcano in Indonesia

Landed at Lombok international airport in the morning and from the airport, the drive took about 5 hour drive to Sembalun village, with stops and lunch along the way.

19/4. First camp, first light.

6:00pm Start from village to first camp site to avoid the heat and sun. This part of trek is through open space all the way. Arrived our campsite for the day after three hours walk, 6.5 KM. Had our first dinner at camp site that night, which will be mainly rice and soup, veggie or instant noodles. Tonight camp site is an open space in the fields.

took some campsite photos while still not that sleepy
our porter tent cum kitchen.

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Backpacking Bali, experience in Kintamani.

Planning .

This trip, I wanted to visit Kintamani. Mount Batur seems like a nice outdoor place to visit and have a trek, maybe some running as well.

Reading reviews and travel blogs, made me concluded that it’s a place seldom visited and much under the radar by tourist. In-fact, it’s not even listed in lonely planet index, content pages. So when some of the online reviews disliked the haggling and touting locals “guide(s)” I could imagined the competition that they are having there to get that extra income. Not my idea for a holiday. Since my arrival to Kuta would be late in the evening, I arranged for accommodation in advance to avoid too much hassle on that first night, I did that via booking.com and planned to go straight to Kintamani the next morning after finding transport. I arranged for a place to stay at Kintamani too, and if necessary, extend the stay for another night. My plan is to Trek Mount Batur, climb and have a walk around the location for a few days before heading home. A short trip only just to unwind. Continue reading Backpacking Bali, experience in Kintamani.

First time Backpacking in bali

Tickets to Bali..

I book the ticket for Bali on 30th October, there was some promotion, got two days there and back by day three, so I didn’t expect to be able to see much and only hope I’ll not get too disappointed later on. Haven’t planned anything yet and no research done… just asked a friend about the conditions there and what to expect, I planned to travel really light and bring my camera, but since two days only… I’d probably not even bring a charger along as 3 battery pack might be just enough for the job, everyone said it’s ridiculous, “no way two days is enough..!” .. at least 3 or 4 days, so changed the date on my itenary, with consequences (extra charges ) and ended up 5 days in Bali to make the most of everything.

This changed everything… so now I got to plan for 5 days instead of 2, which means the cost would be approximately times 3 of everything, longer leave from work, heavier bags and the such. Still in my target is to limit everything in just ONE bag so not to limit my mobility.

uluwatu temple

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Madakaripura Waterfalls, East Java

Checkout 11 October 2012

Morning…. wake-up, checkout and ready by 5:00 am. The sky already bright and air getting warmer. We are all ready to go to the amazing Madakaripura waterfalls… After the nice meal and good sleep, everyone is enthusiastic about the journey.. we all know a great beautiful landscape awaits us at the end of the journey.

All packed and after checking out of our rooms, we load the van with all our bags and before leaving, took few pictures at the surrounding. Previously, since we arrived, we actually have not had the chance to even wander around… 🙂


The Van started moving at about 5:30, all along the way, a little exhausted but eager to get to the waterfalls, along the way, green scenery, plantations and the countryside, really calm and beautiful. Along the way I can see young children, about to go to schools in uniforms, this time it was a little bit busy, probably the road we took was more populated and went through urban areas more than before. After a drive through twisting and winding roads, this time more downhill rather than up, we reached the waterfalls at 7:00 am.  After a small breakfast of bread jam and butter with a banana, the 30 minute walk towards the waterfalls begins.
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Rafting, East Java

Later, in the morning… 10 .October. 2012

After a spectacular sunrise, had breakfast at 10:00, at the Yoschi Hotel cafe(included). The food was nice and freshly cooked, Rest for a few minutes before preparing for the next activity on the list, rafting..! Since we will be back, we just left our stuff at the room and with our bathing clothes on, went out, ready for rafting. Everybody quite excited as for most of us, it was the first time and neither knew what to expect. Swimming is one thing but going through the rapids.? that’s another different thing. anxiety, nervous, worried, if i’m not mistaken, some wanted to back out…  🙂

From the hotel to the river Pekalen was quite a journey by itself, went through towns, roads, forest and housing areas…. even crossed a railway station. But the most interesting of all is that when we came across this one particular village, the unique characteristic and lifestyle, of where people there still wash themselves and their clothes and even relieve themselves in this large drain which is located just by the road, even though there are pipe water supply available. Continue reading Rafting, East Java