Adventure caving

Caving, is one of the activities that we can do at Mulu National Park. Categorised into, intermediate and advanced caving… one has to complete the intermediate caving activity first before allowed to go for the advanced adventure caving option. This is to allow the guide to assess the individual, if they are able handle themselves when doing the required activity such as rope abseiling, ascending, wall climbing etc.

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Racer Cave Adventure caving; The tour required a minimum of 3, including the guide, 4 people. The guide explained, regulations for activity like these, 4 people is required in a group, due to safety reason.

ps: In case one person is disabled.... 2 can return seeking help and 2 would be left behind, or was it something like that.

Since there was only me and my partner… and the other days are not available, weather and river condition was also not favourable, the prospect of going was bleak and not very promising. However, an idea came to both of us, what if we invited someone to join us to complete the group. Beforehand, we did get acquainted with Teri, she’s a solo traveller and just meet on few occasion but had gotten quite along fine. Thus we persuaded her to join us and thankfully she agreed.

Before the day of departure, things was still unsure mostly because the tour is weather dependant… rain. River water levels was previously too high few days back and some tours had to be cancelled already, lucky for us that day… everything was fine and we were on our way.

In the dark…

We were introduced to our harness, head protective gear and flashlight. Bringing a camera was not going to be very wise as it would be dark, wet and would just became a hassle, so my camera phone would suffice for the purpose of this blog.

The tour begin with a simple briefing, took a short boat ride, and afterwards walked to the entrance. Once inside the cave, we activated the headlights. From the beginning, everything was adventurous. Climbing the walls, going through the crevasse, getting low on our knees etc. Did some basic rope abseiling and ascending. Explored the interior caves cavern and discovered some wonderful formation, finding some odd-looking spiders insects and even a snake, but what perplexes me is how did the snake slithered to the ceiling of the cave and lodge itself into one of the holes there as it was virtually impossible for a snake to do. ūü§Ē

We all enjoyed the tour, a fun and memorable adventure, challenging and yes, I have to admit a bit dangerous as one simple mistake, a slip or wrong footing, could cause harm. Being carefull and vigilant along the way will get you through safely. Our guide that day was professional and well-trained, gave a good explanation and friendly.

Inside a cave, or to say, a total different environment, is very interesting… for me the least, when at strange unknown places, the sense of awe is very admissible. It is hard to imagine how little knowledge we have, and how much we can learn… We were told to switch off our lights, for a few minutes and during that time, all my senses heighten, the ear, eyes and smell… yet in the total darkness… unknown, mysterious, suspense and thrilling, my mind was all blank. It was an experience you can not duplicate easily had it not been in a cave.


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