The Garden of Eden

always wanted to go..

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Recently, while was in Mulu national park. I booked a short tour to one of hidden places named  in the program brochure as “The garden of Eden valley walk”. Cost at RM120 per person, minimum 3 Pax and maximum of 8 or so if not mistaken, as the park authorities are very conscious of the environment and do have quotas on certain activities and human presence at certain areas and time per day.

inside Deer cave

We began at 9:30, our small group of 5 introduced each other and instantly, I foresee a pleasant day coming. A group family from Australia, a guy from Switzerland and myself got along quite well in an instance.

Deer cave.

Entered via Deer cave first, and the whiff of ammonia, bat droppings and that kind of stuff gets a little annoyed at first but, as you walk along deeper and further in, it gets less, I didn’t ask why, maybe it’s because we got used to it or, the declination of light lessens the chemical reaction perhaps.  Not before long, exited at the other end of the massive complex interior. Deer cave by itself is as mystical as it can be as natures’ amazing wonder, its internal geographical wonders mesmerising anyone who visits, and the sheer size of the underground passageways, yet to be explored.

The walk is not very difficult, but a little bit wet and some climbing and rope to assist, still we need to be very careful as the slippery and sharp hard edges is not to be taken for granted. A slip can be very painful.

some part of the trail went through rocks, climbs and rope. Interesting and fun

favourite view.

Before the exit, while still in the dark confinement of the cave interiors, light from outside provided just enough illumination on the interior, drawing lights and shadows everywhere, creating such mystical and cryptic world.

water from the ceiling dropping and light cast a wonderful effect.

The cave exit to the valley walk has always been depicted on brochures and ads from the park and the pictures are very nice, but being there and experience it itself cannot be replaced by words or pictures. Being able to enjoy the grandeur and beauty of god creation is a blessing.

as we get closer
I could never be bored by the beauty of this entrance scene
interesting and fun walk.

We took a break outside the entrance, rest had a dip in the fresh stream, then after half an hour, continued the walk to the waterfalls for another half an hour, where we had our swim and meals. The water was wonderful and fresh, and the environment pristine.

having a good time at the waterfall

wish for more time

Then, as much as I would like it to be, we had to return back, went back to the way we came in and the tour continued within the Deer cave and Lagang cave, where we can observe and see the formation of stalactites and stalagmites, created and sculptured for hundred of thousand of years.

inside lagang cave.

The group was very nice and friendly, we got along very well, which made the walk even more fun and joyful, our guide Chris did an awesome job, professional and entertaining throughout, awesome view and enjoyable sight. The combination of all these elements, really made a wonderful day.

few descriptive text along the way, informative enough.

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