Thinking Far Away

just too far?

When I was some what 12, I began cycling to school. I would say to myself that, it was far and tiring, until I got used to the 15 minute ride after a  few month. When my friends invited me to play soccer in the fields, we try to find the best(closest) field, as some would not want to come if it’s too far from their home.

Then after a few years, I changed school to a different state. Need to take a plane to go there, and again as before, I would again say it was too far. A plane ride and 3 hour bus before reaching school. I could go back once every year because of that. Few years later the distance got kind of irrelevant, I was used being away from my home town. After finished my studies, work was also away from home, I had to take a plane ride to get back to my home town so I could only get back once every year or so, the time and ticket price is not cheap, about half month salary for me at that time.

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better late than never

After a few years working. I managed to accumulate a decent amount of savings. It made me start thinking of traveling. Among the other reasons that propagated my wanderlust that time was photography and exploring. Well, after sometime, photographing at home didn’t quite satisfy my desire as it used to be, I wanted to see more and go to other places. Thus my backpacking adventures actually began quite late compared to the average, alas better late than never as they say. My only regrets was that I didn’t started earlier.

Sydney next 7hours .. Sleeping time

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First few trips, around here and there so to speak, few hours travel time, few nights away, frankly short timed.  It was by my definition ‘far’. Then I upgraded, from few hours travel time, it got into days. A layover at the airport became routine, waiting at A bus terminal or train station was expected. Sleeping at the airport became so common at one time, I even have a favourite spot at the floor, 😀 Being chased away at the airport once, chased out from a train station once and ushered away at a bus station once, If I counted right. Anyway, I advice people not to spend the night at public places. It’s not worth it sometimes.

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Going home.. 😁 #europe #backpacking #travel

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getting farther

I learned to walk distances, hiked 20 KM, running 10KM became common. One time, when back at home, I felt bored and try running from my house to my old school (purposely taking the long route) and was back in 20 minutes (did not believe I was back so soon). After all this time, school seemed very far, when in reality it was just an illusion.

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Over the years as we get older, our perspective changes, it kind of applies to a lot of things actually and one of them is how you interpret the distance. How far is far, an hour trip or two days trip? I used to say that when I travel from morning and arrived at my destination in the evening, it was freaking far! After going through multiple time zones or endure days and days of non stop travel, regards by air or by land, you get the sense of how big the world is. Of course the jet-lag that came afterwards is always hell. Awake at 2 am, drowsy at mid afternoon sleeping and trying to sleep again at 2 am was enough headache.

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I used to think the other side of town was far but when you consider travelling eight time zone in three days? You come home with a different mind. As more people are travelling, Its’ like we are living in a boundary-less world and can go anywhere to bring back memories, learn life lesson and amazing experiences.

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Distance is just subjective to each individual, when people think it’s far, it push them back and for no apparent reason makes a mental barrier, they get unsure and sceptical when going to places. Why not try thinking that people on the other side of the planet is just the same back home.

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