The stress back at home.

back from the outlands

After a month isolated, the time to go home finally came. Generally, it’s the time where everyone’s eager no matter who, what you’re doing if it’s work or backpacking or from a holiday, or if you are far at the other side of the planet or just a few hours plane ride, home is still in a sense, our comforting realm, heavenly kingdom. Or is it?

What a small #snail #6d #32mm

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But going home doesn’t means things become easy. There are just lots of things waiting to be done, chores and particulars to catch up after being left behind. Things can pile up and be such a headache sometimes.  Bills to pay, paperwork to complete, travel items or bills to clear, conversion rate to calculate, claims to be done, stuff to wash and clean, the car that needs some kick start, things to buy, equipments to check (a whole bunch), packing things for the next trip and the list goes on. Whew!

Exhaustive is one of the reasons, why sometimes when coming home to the so-called ‘heaven’ it is just heartbreaking (kidding). Fortunately, considering myself a strong mental person, these missions, objectives and tasks are all but common and a normal circle of life… Maybe it feels kind of extra busy as it is the year-end plus I have my trip for Nepal in the next few coming weeks.

Tips on how to get back on track.

  1. listing all the chores, menial or not they maybe, just scribble them… I get a good mental picture of them later on…  then arranging the priority which is to be done first or later and then scheduling what to do when and where, everything comes into order and eventually clean in the end.
  2. after listing stuff that you got to do, sometimes you got to buy what is needed to do it, a shopping list makes sense.
  3. list the things that is needed to be taken for next trip. Since you just got back, you remember what is incomplete. So when its time to go, you can stop guessing what’s needed out there.
  4. Get updates, help and latest news from people you trust. (Facebook seems to lie a lot these days) so talking to a person face to face is kind of better.
  5. And it also helps you to catch-up with stuff going on at home. Sometimes being gone for a few weeks can be surprising, so catching up with friends is good.
  6. Make appointments, call before hand, arrange a date and time the stuff that needs specific attention such as doctors visit or even to the car workshop(kind of remembered my absorber needs replacement)

On another sense… after all that, you are at home and looking back.


bolat the cat
bolat the cat

This time, I got my faithful 6D camera with me, so took some pictures of the surrounding area and as usual updated it to flickr. Some beautiful collection of life while away from home, I feel it an obligation to be shared.

fungi that came out after the rain, on bolat toilet to be exact...
fungi that came out after the rain, on bolat toilet to be exact…


a pineapple by the river bed, someones' but not known who it belongs to.
a pineapple by the river bed, someones’ but not known who it belongs to.


a kind of fruit, sour. Not my favourite.
a kind of fruit, sour. Not my favourite.


this bug got a trunk?
this bug got a trunk?

ps: At this moment…. I’m eager to get a macro lens, eyeing the EF100mm macro at the moment… L lens kind of too expensive. 😦

the good days... clear beautiful skies.
the good days… clear beautiful skies.



and the not so good days…. rain can go until 8 hours some times.

sometimes the skies are just beautiful..
sometimes the skies are just beautiful..


vines hanging from the trees... is this what Tarzan used..?
vines hanging from the trees… is this what Tarzan used..?


interesting to photograph. like the color contrast.


crossing the stream.


at the bridge.

Being able to go places other than  home, life is different, it opens new perspective and in return different photography style. Just taking advantage of the situation. Learning and constantly observing.


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