Sounds too good to be true.

The choice is in your hands…

Ever had that time when you had that reluctance feeling to buy that something which you’d feel is not that important, overpriced, you can live without,  maybe get it later, afraid you’d regret it later, etc etc..?

well this is one of those things…

SRS-X33 #sony nice.. 😁

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I had that similar thinking… the furthest I got to was reading reviews, finding the best value, and then kept it at the back of my head.

Why the heck would I want a 130 dollar bluetooth speaker? I had left and right speaker on my macBook, fine with the earphones and I do admit like to play some tunes in the background once in a while… it’s just those things we can live without because I’m just not the hi-fi, stereo, music goer type.

Then again, ever since I had this speaker… I’ve been impressed by the quality of the sound it produces.

I’ve better hearing experience, my iTunes playlist sounds much better, fresh, real, and seems more entertaining… 🙂 oh boy… try watching your movies with it!

The hisses, whispers, booms and beats, crisp, detailed and defined… Even my friends are surprised.

Is it worth it..?

Humbly speaking… It depends individually, the price and quality are worth it. While some seems to argue that there are cheaper alternatives with the same sound quality, the revs that I’ve found online (some even have lab test to prove) said otherwise.

The experience? for better sound, nice work ambient, good feeling, mood and stress reduction… Totally worth it.

Music they say is therapeutic, so lets consider the purchase some kind of investment.

btw: Alan Walker- Faded (beautiful song)


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