One afternoon it just rain..

It is the time I’m outstation again and now its the Raining season.

It 6:05 pm… Just started a heavy downpour, raining cats and dogs, they say, winds blowing, strong but not for long durations, more like a quick sweep for a few minutes and then its over… 15 minutes ago it was just cloudy with some light rain that everyone expected to have been over and expecting A nice quiet night… Few hours earlier, it was bright and cloudy, I was even planning to go casting, bored doing nothing, but instinct probably avoided me from going out and true enough it started to drizzle. It would have been uncomfortable in the wet by the river at that time.


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Clouds #timelapse #weather #mulu

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A bit of drizzle is still tolerable, not that I’ve never been out in the rain, trail running (because dry days are seldom when monsoon seasons) which is ok when it rains slightly and you do get wet, but a downpour is definitely not good for outdoors activity. Not to mention if there’s thunder, or strong winds, so going into the forest is definitely a no.

Sudden #weather change

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Now, I can’t even go outside, that’s how fast the weather changes, maybe it is because here is surrounded by mountains, weather do get unpredictable at mountains area, I don’t know, but getting caught in bad weather in the jungle is no fun business, because trees do fall when the winds come. The aftermath of strong winds are always evidently visible the next day.
So, with your plan for a nice afternoon in the drains, a backup plan is always necessary, me, reading, books/ebook (thank god for an iPad) or indoor exercise, How I miss the gym back home sometimes. Then there’s the cat that always needs a pat or back scratch to keep company. ūüôā

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The mornings are usually calm, if it rains, it would started way early, hours before the sunrise while everyone still sleeping and continue until almost afternoon or the whole day, if it doesn’t rain, it’s the best time to go for a nice run. Hopefully, tomorrow will be one of those nice mornings, because I have an upcoming half-marathon to train for, and it will be in a few weeks.


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