Travels to West Europe. Part 2

Part two travel diary, Zermatt and Paris. A link to view my flickr photo album and part 1. Istanbul, Rome, Florence, Venice and the Bernina express.


18/5 Took the 6am train from Zurich, few exchanges later, arrived Zermatt. Wonderful place and town of the Matterhorn.


The neighborhood #zermatt #travel #backpacking #switzerland

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It was 10:00, some shops are just beginning to open, reached the hostel, no one was around except for a cat.

Hello cat #travel #backpacking #switzerland #zermatt

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Walked around town, got some souvenirs, sight seeing, etc and had some food. Zermatt is a very expensive place dear god. I thought venice was expensive but… :/


19/5 It was raining! Spoiled plans… despaired that I can’t go hiking today, I was almost at wits end when the rain and snow kind of subsided soon after I was done brushing…  happy, went to the reception, asked the hostel owner where to go and helpfully gave me some directions.

A lot of the trails are closed this time as it is still not holiday season yet so Zermatt is still not very busy. More than half the hotels are closed so are some of the shops… They only open after May. At times it feels as if I got Zermatt all to myself. 🙂 It was just so cool!

Wonderful hike to Seewenweg, climbing terrain, reading map and look out for the trail marker, nicely marked, and easy to follow once you get used to it… Don’t forget the map, its free and you can get it almost anywhere. Went out at 10:00, back town at about 16:00. Didn’t meet anybody on the trail alas for some sheep. Some rain and snow but not too much in the way.

Have to pay attention to these.. #travel #backpacking #switzerland #zermatt

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Bought a raincoat and waterproof trousers at TNF store there, besides that they got lots of choices of other quality brands, ski equipment rentals also available.

20/5 Clear skies wonderful weather, so I went for a far walk to Zmutt, until the foot of matterhorn the route to Stafelap. Then back to Zmutt, alpinehut, and Zermatt.

Rest at stafel, lunch. Otw to schwarzsee. #backpacking #travel #zermatt

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Some 20km walk, 8 hrs more or less. It was the best thing in this trip so far. Satisfied, and happy although tired as hell, went back to the hostel after an expensive CHF12.00 burger, cleaned up and rest for the day.


Paris, final stop.

21/5, Train to Paris, TGV Lyria, about 3 hrs plus. As usual, you’ll need a reservation, which could be done at CHF30 regardless of having a eurail pass, at the Train ticket office. Arrived Gare de Lyon, and walked to Opps Hostel. With google map assistance.

Arrived #Paris #travel #backpacking .. Why everyone in such a hurry..

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After checking in and unpacking, I still got a lot of light, so walked around Paris to the Notre Dame church and had a peak inside, got some food and back to hostel.

Booked my ticket to Louvre Museum for tomorrow, online, previous experience at the Vatican museum, better book online for the biggest museum in the world, I don’t want to stand in the rain for an hour again.

22/5, raining in Paris, (how lucky I bought the tickets online yesterday 🙂 )Went to the Louvre museum, spent one whole day there.

This is a really big place, the museum itself is a work of history itself amazing and magical, getting disoriented and lost within the museum is easy. I just keep my map handy and take note of the direction, amazing that I managed to visit all the exhibitions in one day.

Raining but still awesome #paris #backpacking #travel

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Of course the main attraction within the museum, Mona Lisa. Pity how many people don’t know how to appreciate it but instead just took pictures and selfies with their smartphones, for what reasons I can’t understand.

Mona Lisa .. Every one wants a pic .. 😳… #paris #travel #backpacking

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A lot of walking here #paris #backpacking #travel

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Arrived the Louvre 9:30, out at 16:00. My legs ware tired and burnt, but still, I wanted to walk back to the hostel, Paris city is just too beautiful to ignore.

23/5 Since I still have one day left on my rail pass, I decided to go to La Harve, france, a small town by the sea.

Not knowing what to expect I just went because it is nearest to Paris. Train got delayed as there was some strike going on. Hope to return to Paris later this afternoon. Because of the strike, some passenger got delayed and had to board the train that I am boarding which made it so packed that I had to stand until the next few stops.

Short visit #backpacking #travel #paris

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Le Harve, a small town at the seaside, very nice, quiet, beautiful, and my farthest, west of Europe for now.

24/5 Paris. To the Eiffel tower, where else… but I didn’t went up. There was no motivation for me to go up this time so just watched people and some pictures to accompany it.

Eiffel tower _DSC03979

Not a very encouraging weather to go up #paris #travel #backpacking

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Keep on walking to the Army museum, yet another museum too much so I just went past through it and walked the streets of Paris instead.

Army museum #backpacking #travel #paris

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Hard rock cafe #paris #travel #backpacking

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Jet-lag and fever.

25/5 Checked out from my hostel, took the train to the airport Charles de Gaulle and boarded my journey back home. Another 20 hours of travel time in total.

Going home.. 😁 #europe #backpacking #travel

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From Paris to Guangzhou, 13 hours two hour transit in Guangzhou, and another 4 hours to KLIA. Then another final 2 hour flight back home. Arriving home, I was already feverish, and it took another 2 days before I recovered, I suspected it was dehydration and another day recovering from jet-lag which was really awful. I just could not sleep at night for the four night. Travelling crossing 6 time zone is really quite something, No regrets, and I’d definitely do it again, maybe in the future Eastern Europe? 🙂

Ok.. About to land.. Shut ye phone.. #rome #travel #backpacking

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All the places in this itinerary is so amazing on its own, Don’t ask which is my favourite as there’s no answer… I would do it all over again if I could and maybe take a longer time to enjoy and absorb more. New people I’ve meet, amazing travellers, friends and the adventure is all unique. Also, there are who don’t like to travel as with some that I meet on the way and was regretting their journey, unfortunately for them, there’s nothing I can do to help, maybe they just need to open up and be more positive. Travel Europe is not the cheapest place on earth by far probably among the most expensive, but the experience and adventure you get is just priceless.



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