Planning backpacking: Europe

the destination does not matter it is the journey.

It started as an ambition and ended as an itenary, having done some intensive reading, fluctuating market on currency exchange, and considering everything, timing and season, the plan to travel backpacking for 2 weeks finally came to life. In two weeks, I made some reading, research planning and finally everything was done. The tickets booked, and travel arrangements made.

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Quite surprised myself, two weeks of travel planning was really not that difficult. I had initially wanted to just pack and go on this trip, beginning in Istanbul and ending somewhere/anywhere in Europe but found out the financial risk of more expensive return flight, hostels and train was too unacceptable.

At this moment of writing, the total cost of travel expenses and accomodation for the 20 days in Europe is about €1100. Half of my predicted cost, very encouraging.

Planning tips.

  1. Identifying destination.
  • In general it is easier to identify the destination that I had in mind by attraction that i’m actually ‘interested’ in. Outdoors, nature, history, cultures, street life, architecture.
  • then it came to the routes, which destination would be number one and so on.
  • Obviously, everyone would want to explore, go as many places as possible but honestly, that kind of travel won’t work out for me. I would like to enjoy my trip, not race.
  • Finally sorted out, some of the places to go on this trip is, Istanbul, obviously being historical by itself and a gateway between Asia and Europe, was logical. Then came Rome, history, architecture (pizza) Venice, Swiss alps for the mountains, and Paris for the history.

2. Travel arrangements.

  • Definitely the most expensive cost when travelling is the airfare.
  • Getting the point of arrival was easy, the point of departure on the other hand took me another two weeks to finalise, and lucky Paris won the coin toss.

All of that took some time at the cafe, many cups of coffee, hours of browsing and some heads scratching..

Travel day…  To be Continued


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