Writing about crap: nothing wrong…

Something new…

Planning to make lunch one day, and meat was on my mind, but I haven’t decided how to cook it. Don’t ask where the idea came from but finally, beef with cheese spread, and so it is…

#beef and #cheese 😳

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almost a success

Looks good, decent for a dish, and I even had hope in it. The creamy cheesy taste is present but not that much of an impact to the taste… The beef could still have been cooked without the cheese, and I bet it would have tasted the same. Probably they don’t mix along well, just don’t know. (culinary expert required)

So what, even crappy things can turn to be a blog, and I did it! :D. Besides, with some free time to kill, lets ramble today. Today being creative, innovative and a little bit daring, that’s all… A trial and error, experimentation day. It still look good in the pictures though so not side tracking from my theme.

Morale of this story, it is interesting to try something new. I always do and so should you. Life is too boring to be the same every day, different spice to lighten your life. Meat and cheese, well they don’t seem to be kicking it. Which in turn creates questions, would adding some herbs (thyme, rosemary, etc) improved the taste? Would mushrooms made it better? Something to think for the future…

And just if anyone wondering.


  • beef chunks,cube cut, approx 100g
  • shallot, 2-3 pcs
  • onions, 1/2
  • ginger thumb size.
  • 1 table-spoon cheese spread.
  • black pepper.
  1. Saute’ shallot, onion, ginger.
  2. Add beef to cook, then add the cream cheese spread… simmer few minutes just to mix the ingredients, add some water (1/2) cup and its done.

Simplest recipe ever, lazy bones…!


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