Nature lessons, embrace and learn.

It has been some time that I haven’t written anything, been away, busy and at the same time not doing much. Sounds pretty strange, how could you be busy and not doing much but that’s the truth…. Straight to the point, I got to learn how to do some fishing (casting) how to run( trail running) in the jungle, how to read books, and how fun it is.

There is a saying that you can always learn something as long as you live, and literally, it’s true. There’s always something new, different, exciting, fun, cool, unique etc that we can do, which we normally “skip” or overlook under normal circumstances. I have learn to forget that something different is not so intimidating and can be a good life lesson experience as well.

Fishing, casting

Had the chance to try to do some casting, a form of very active fishing where I have to throw the lure somewhere “over there” (usually the other side of the river) and in the hope that the splash and movement of the lure would attract my victim to grab it in a very aggressive and get hooked. I learnt there are many types of lure and you could even cast at night using the correct, more expensive, fluorescent lure. I also learnt the types of rods, reels available. Lots of technical jargon and stuff which I wont mention here.

casting reel.


the whole set with a colourful lure

But most importantly, I learnt to be patient, very patient… Not only waiting for the fish to bite but when you throw the lure, do it with finesse, not irritated tempered emotion, as it would only cause the lure to get hooked, to a branch, root or wood in the river and you would have to swim across to get it unstuck…. Which in turn leads to another learning experience, swimming.

fallen trees, for lure traps


Swimming in the river, is also something that I don’t normally do. Because back home there are no rivers suitable for swimming. The thing about rivers is that, never underestimate the current. It may look calm and harmless flowing slowly, but it can drift you away and before you realised it you lose control and with the turbulence underneath the surface that could pull you down. Keep calm, control breath, movement and don’t swim with a fishing rod in hand. I learnt to take note of the surroundings and be awry of the dangers hidden in plain sight. You never know when will the water snake decides to cross the stream to the other side of the river, and they are very good swimmers. I also learnt to calm down, unwind, enjoy nature, the serenity, therapeutic calmness. I also learn the thrill of getting a catch too. A good 1.4 kg tiger fish.

1.4 Kg tiger fish, one of the biggest ever ive seen so far.
just love the environment
river flows calmly and when the falling flower fall and touch the water, the fish jumps to grab and eat it.
clear waters are just clear.


On dry land, I got better at trail running (in the jungle) It helps train your balance, good body coordination and in return better fitness. My experience at trail running compared to the normal paved run, I favour trail running better but not forgetting the elements that might be dangerous such as, insects bites, unfriendly critters, snakes, falling branches, etc.

#fitness #training #trailrun #suunto #10k 7'40/km avg

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part of my running trail


running trail
sometimes stop for some photographing
another photo opportunity

When indoors, I learnt to enjoy reading better. I read from books that I have and my iPad. Without the distraction of tv, internet, FB, ideal environment, stress free and most importantly, the slow pace of life, reading once again become such a wonderful experience. Even have time to learn how to sketch…

Too much free time #portrait #sketches

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Wealth, does not necessarily makes happiness, and having  just a little is sometimes enough. Life teaches us lessons and its up to us if we want to learn make good of it and be better.

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