sent to the wild

Volunteering to work outstation, even for the one month rotating cycle, was kind of intimidating at first when you’d be living in isolation, away from the city, no shopping malls, limited  internet, no 3G, 4G, not even a G available. Communication is via VSAT, electricity is from a diesel generator and there is no access road to the outside world. Food supply, raw material, groceries, fuel, comes via the river boat. there’s only one grocery shop available. There is a STOL port enough to cater for an ATR aircraft but air transportation is costly, making cargo transportation very expensive.

Daily life is an interesting(challenging) experience by itself as an outsider, you learn to adapt quick, (a trait I gladly acknowledge) there’s nothing much to do except work, and once done, there’s a lot of free time. Filling up that time as best possible and making it worthwhile is fun. I got to learn to do a lot of things here, repair my boots (had to wait a tube of glue to land first), learn the 7 important knot for survival, and the opportunity to do lots of reading. Kind of a blessing in disguise.

Life in Mulu national park, is quiet, surrounded by nature and away from distraction and pollution. There are some good to it and some not so good, depends how you look at it.

During the after hours of work, I can do some running (lots of running actually) For this past few weeks, I made about 100 km run around the area-something not so easy on the busy city life, trail running in the forest. Kind of spooky and scary running alone but trail are available so I guess it’s not that bad. Excellent fitness training and exercise.

#running #fitness #training slow place

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Swimming in the river, trekking (for the moment did 3 days 2 night trek to the Pinnacles ) cave exploring, are some of the things that I can do here, and still planning a lot of outdoors adventure. Photography opportunity is in abundance, I just haven’t the right moment and weather as yet, rainy seasons this time. There are thousand of species of wild plants and animals (invertebrate mostly) to be seen and mostly very unique. Cant wait to capture them on-screen. Landscape not so much to expect as the terrain is mountainous and not very accessible, yet to be explored in the future.

the wildlife here

#pakutrail #mulunationalpark #fitness #training #suunto #ambit2 7'53/km 9k #running

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#fitness #training #running #ambit2 #mulunationalpark #12K #suunto 6'54/km

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The bug warrior!

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As for now, it is still quite early to tell as a first experience being assigned, but later on the next cycle and maybe after some better planning, it might get more interesting. Tourist, scientist and research come and burn a hole in their pockets to visit this wonder land located in Borneo. Whilst I am already here, why not make some good out of it.


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Busy day #lowflypass #aviation

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