The Pinnacles, Mulu

I had the chance to climb/trek to “the pinnacles” in Mulu national park, an arduous trek and walk up hill a steep slope (3km trek 1100m ascent) , however still very possible for the moderately fit people as I would expect. The trek would take 3-4 hours (speed dependent), and there’s a requirement of reaching certain check points or markers at a defined amount of time, else the guide are required to stop your climb and order you to descend back to camp 5, the base camp of that trail.

Camp 5 before the ascending trek

This adventure standard itinerary, takes 3 days and 2 nights, which in my opinion could be done in 2 days 1 night, and by some experience I’ve heard, have been done before, but maybe its just the policy or regulation to take things safely and slowly.

the pinnacles view

The first part (day) is take a boat from the start, (park office) to the beginning of the trek. From there, walk 8 km to camp 5. The trail is a simple clear pathways in a thick tropical forest, where I started at 12:00 noon and reached camp 5 after 2 hr.

At camp 5 we hang around, have a swim in the river, enjoy the scene and sleep one night there. Mosquito nets provided upon request, with some fee and your food depends on your package, or packaging if you carry your own rations.

The next morning climb

Wake up early, 5 or 6 am, breakfast, pack some food, and start trek/climb with your guide. The regulation prohibits self climb. After 4 hours (min requirement stated) you should be at the pinnacles enjoying the view.
Although it is called the pinnacles climb, don’t get disappointed as this is not the highest peak of the mountain. It is just a viewing point to see the remarkable rock formation and the surrounding mountains. So for those who wants a really wow super stunning view, this might not be worth the trouble and cost.

walk back to the boat.

After a few pictures and sight-seeing, descent to base camp, would take approx the same time or maybe 30 minutes faster as you really cannot go all that fast due to the terrain conditions. Rocky, slippery and at some parts are very steep. In practical, I reached base camp at 2 pm that day, so if I had wanted to get back to the boat (begin trek point, 8 km away) I would have been there by 4 pm and had already taken the boat to starting point back to park HQ.

Good walk.

Basically, it is an enjoyable walk through the terrain and a good exercise to the top. Moderate climb and easy trek in my opinion. There are many online tour packages offered, but compared to self arranged itinerary it is cheaper if you plan smart and do so in advance with the help of freelance guides (certified valid license ) Accommodations at camp 5 are limited and is under the forestry department, so even if you have a guide, it is still not guaranteed you can go because of the limited vacancy.

mulu pinnacles picture album

mulu national park trails


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