Photomarathon fun

The past week I joined the canon photo marathon organised locally. Didn’t win though and it was well expected… I did all the common mistakes and error any (dimwit) photographer newbie could possibly imagine and some of the photos are not even worth submitting… but being a good sport and good competitor, I just submitted anyway.

The entrance fee is mostly for charity purposes and that was why I joined this in the first place.

Although I didn’t win the grand prize, the experience that I gained from this event was very… eye opening. Last but not least to me.
Some of the mistakes that I made, going too far for my shot, which wasted a lot of time while I should have been busy composing and clicking. Did not use the human element in my pictures and was not thinking like a photographer at all. The requirement of submitting unedited pictures was a totally different element and everything need to be on camera editing. It was challenging and fun.

red shirts.

Watching other photographer having fun and enjoying themselves, having a good time while taking out to the streets was something of a refreshing sight… We weren’t in the thousands but the hundreds, I presumed…  but it was red all the while at the streets.

theme- natural
theme- weather.
theme- hide and seek

Also got to meet Justin Mott, Resident Pro Photographer on History Channel’s Reality TV show Photo Face-Off and Founder of Mott Visuals Nice friendly and jovial guy… very easy and so open to the public and stranger, which is what a real pro photographer really is.

The event gave me an epiphany (bit exaggerated, but you get the idea) that photography needs constant practice and continuous learning. I went out and when the themes for the competition was revealed, couldn’t get my mind to work… photographer block. But I guess the three-hour time limit for each theme, was a contributing factor too, nevertheless, “Natural” “Hide and Seek” and “Weather” is a very broad theme and should at least have been easy right?

So that was that. Even though I was tired as it was a whole day event, and drive for many miles, I had no regrets, in fact I’d join again next year.

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