Holiday photos

The traveller sees what he sees, the tourist sees what he has come to see.

quote-'Gilbert K.Chesterton'

Flipping my iPad, checking emails, bank accounts etc, which then lead to my flickr page, old pictures, I recalled asking friends about their travels… ‘did you took any pictures?’, ‘how many?’ and later, find out that most of them really didn’t bother much.

They focused more on shopping, buying souvenirs, eating, sightseeing, sleeping etc.

flick flick and swipe

Looking at my pictures when travelling, backpacking, hiking, visiting and whatever similar activity, the photos are the only reminder and the best recollection that I can ever (or will) have for myself (or others)

As if being taken back in time to that moment again, I could remember the conversation that happened, the stench at the fish market, the weather, humid or dry, hot or cold, how the wind gust and how I found my way through, the bewilderment and the exhaustion is just priceless.

That sensation, justifies the effort, lugging a camera, risk being drench in rain and all hassle of carrying extra baggage. Not even an excuse for a point and shoot camera.

be confident

Normally when we are at ‘the moment’ it always seems mundane afterwards, snapshots, blah, or whatever crap photos we are taking, makes us become less enthusiastic of doing it, so we rather sit-back and hide behind so not to stick out like a sore thumb, but following simple rules and experience, the photos taken with a sincere heart and feeling are those that our memories sticks to. Just a few simple basic rules when taking pictures that would matter.

  • any landscapes that wows you.
  • people, interactions, take selfies.
  • prominent landmarks that brought you there (definitely) then make that moment special.
  • when you’re too tired to walk/trek just pause, take a break, look around.
  • try not to follow every time others lift their camera, think if it’s any good worthy.

Sometimes we just don’t have the luxury waiting for the ‘golden hour’ to come, when we are busy getting lost and finding our way back.

Then there are people who get ridiculously overboard, by taking 10-20 shots of the SAME landscape/scene, ends up complaining the 8GB mem card is never enough… 😓

Never forget, the most valuable thing that we get back from our travel/vacation is not just the bargain/discounts merchandise items, but it is the experience and memories that last forever. Travel does not only mean reaching to the destination, it is in the journey.

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