traveling work

Traveling or going away for holiday is fun, traveling because of work for the company, well, maybe not that fun… The 9 to 5 rules applies, attend meetings, hear talk, seminars, all that stuff. The only thing good about it is the fact that everything is free and paid for. If you re traveling for your own business, I guess that’s even better because you’re making money from your travels.

Celyn hotel

With a little bit of luxury… (Compared to a backpackers hostel) having your own bathroom, fresh bed comforters, towels and 4 fluffy scented pillows, I have to admit that I could be turned into a spoiled, whining traveller if too much exposed to all this ridiculous overly charged luxury. 😋 .

After 5

Work aside, its been a good trip because I had the chance to view a nice sunset, have a whisk of fresh air and play some more with my sony rx100.

plain bnw street shot at the Philippine market

Viewed the sunset at Kinabalu awesome landscape. Shot in RAW and processed in Lightroom 5. I am impressed by the rx100.

waited for the sunset. at Oceanus. the new Kinabalu shopping complex.

But this sunset is the best ever…

Kinabalu sunset by Wal Ismi Ahmad

some scene at the night market, very much alive and active

Gayang for Seafood

Seafood is a must when visiting Sabah. One of the best place to get seafood (according to a friend ) is Gayang seafood restaurant, almost an hour drive from town centre in peak hours traffic. Weekends would be packed to the brim.

A location map just for reference. The road is pretty straight and easy to follow I think once you got the GPS location.

to the island

Also had the chance to visit Manukan island again and my only regrets was not bringing my running shoes and suunto ambit… 😛

maybe next time.

“sunset point”, 1500m walk/run from the entry gate, but from the looks at the surroundings, there’s not much ‘landscape’ to wow me.
jungle trail, sunset point, lodge
next time just have to explore the whole island.

Although there’s three other island within the gazetted marine park (not including the exclusive Gaya Island) We just visited this one as not to waste too much time on the sea island hopping. Boat fare is RM30 (return) per pax.

back to the airport.

After 4 days and 3 night, its time to pack leave.

and on the camera, an opinion. RX100

As earlier said, this was a business trip, not all that leisure and play. So there’s not much story to it. But I had the chance to take out my RX100 test and loved it for the compact, quality and mobility it had to offer (first time travelling with it)

The controls, point and shoot (in RAW) and all the preset, auto, scene or whatever settings won’t matter as the final edit is in Lightroom.

Straight out, the JPEG output is pretty good and various cool effects available…

For social media update, my iPhone 5 got it covered. The camera would not do as the photo taken would be yesterdays story.

Feels kind of slow for street photography, on the response and controls, but maybe its just me not adapt to the controls.

Not that solid as 6D, previous 50D or 450D, feels (still prefer those more due to the rigid and tougher body) I feel that the tiny little RX100 can break and fall apart anytime at my hands. Always handled with much care and tenderness.

Should I get a leica next….? 🙂

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