A smaller one…

At this time, everyone wanting to buy a point and shoot camera should have at least once heard of the sony RX100 (released three years back). With great reviews and listed as among the best compact camera at par with Panasonic LumixTZ70, Canon powershot G7, Fujifilm X100T etc…

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What I really like about the camera was the fact that it was small and pocketable, however, using the leather casing (free gift offered by the salesgirl) adds to the size quite a bit, I regret did not opted for a smaller carry case or just a simple pouch. I guess the words “free” and “leather” kind of took me.

landscape from the sony rx100

The day I got this camera, I was just too excited and had it tested later in the afternoon, taking pictures of sunset and landscape and honestly was quite impressed by the image.

the lens is very good
impressive presentation
a test at macro shot mode
nice and snug for street photography

The reason that I bought this camera was because of it’s small size and the ability to produce quality pictures. Easy to take out on an outing for street photo, when travelling, backpacking etc. The build quality feels kind of fragile, buttons are small and bit difficult to operate, but that is maybe just me (subconciously comparing it to a 50D and a 6D) Battery life “reviews” do not sound that impressive, maybe to the fact that you have to rely heavily on the LCD screen a lot, so the feature that I would want on the rx100 is probably the viewfinder (available on the rx100 mark3) but for the price tag and image quality. This is good enough for me.


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