An ipad artist…

This past few weeks, been quite calm, nothing to do, which leads to too much “free unusable time” if you understand what I mean.

The short story, somewhat like this, odd working hours> free time> read something in mac life magazine > read about drawing, sketching doodling with ipad > looked for apps > downloaded apps and tada…!

Ok, I suck at it. I admit I’m not a very artistic person but, with the work that I can do with it and the ever expanding possibilities, I regard this as a sound investment.

The website displays some of the works done by other more talented users… way more cool than mine.

Tayasui Sketches – Draw, paint, sketch and doodle ideas like on paper. by

The pro version app allows six kind of drawing tools compared to two, a wide selection of colors and 3 drawing layers to work on (something like photoshop layers) Which is the best and my fav feature in my opinion.

Anyway, this is a personal thought after just few days playing with it, I just can’t wait to get a good new stylus… >> If i could find one here ūüėĀ

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