Lucky me.


My Suunto ambit watch was sent for repair few month earlier, button problems (it got stuck when pressed and had difficult getting back to the original position), seems quite harmless and not such a big issue, but it’s annoying and might do permanent damage to the internal components at the long-term.

So I had it sent to repairs at the retailer since the warranty was still valid, which in turn was sent to the distributor some few thousand miles away. Normally, the time for repair is about 3 month as said by the shop. Sounds too long for repairs for me but I had no choice. Reason being that they had to wait for parts, procedures, documentation to suunto HQ, etc and all that..

ambit 1

For three-month, the absence of my Suunto was very frustrating, and on the third month, still no news, I was beginning to loose my patience. I had to make calls and email questionnaires to Suunto Finland’s customer service as there’s no update on my watch. Unfortunately enough they do not have details on the job done at local agents and so was unable to assist much. The reason was acceptable, the world is a big place and of course impossible to do everything alone. So I had to get back to the retailer and pushed for some answers, like its been more than three-month and this process is just ridiculous. Trusting is not an issue and I know that everything is happening, just at a slow pace. There’s not much that can be done an blaming the retailer is just useless.


Finally my watch came back, got a call from the retailer and when I went there to pick my watch, surprised that they gave me an Ambit 2 instead. Most probably the Ambit 1 model was obsolete and since there’s no more parts or that, they replaced with a newer model.

Ambit 2

Anyway, patience is a virtue, proven by the compensation that I got. It’s an even better watch with better more reliable hardware. I had it for about a month and feel the improvements when tracking my movements and exercise. The gps is totally accurate and never lost track of my movement since i’ve used it. Thanks Suunto.

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