Enjoy sushi.

The adventure…

Always entertaining and fun when going out for sushi, either it’s trying to figure out the ingredient or just the plain interesting presentation that makes me wonder how would the colorful blend satisfy the palate. Wasabi, is one of the magic ingredient that I alone seem to like, is hard to describe, it is the only food at this moment known to be able to immediately clear my nasal passage. I do not know what effects of consuming wasabi at large amounts would do, so if there’s any warnings that I should know, do tell. (the wasabi in the pic, that’s just for me.) By now, sushi, would have been demystified and quite common, but I have found out that it’s quite far from true. Maybe due to the Japanese language and the unfamiliar vocabulary is what makes it sounds so interestingly complex.

“Chef Endo’s wish when he opened sakae in Burlingame in 1995 and Yuzu in San Mateo in 2004 was to offer the best taste of authentic Japanese cuisine in the Bay Area… “ sakaesushi.com

Once in a while, I’d treat myself sushi at the local Sakae Sushi franchise, among the best sushi restaurants around. Although no chef Endo at the back, it’s still the benchmark of sushi restaurants here and a lot cheaper compared taking a trip to Japan.

Salmon (my favourite fish) while most would disagree eating it raw, salmon is amazing by itself with a dash of lemon. (I still would not dare to prepare it myself, but devouring the pinkish-red flesh in restaurants never seemed to bother me)

last time I had sushi was in Korea, where I was left to the mercy of the chef behind the sushi bar, everything on the menu was in Korean and the only thing I understood was the pictures, yes, and no (turned out to be the most memorable sushi experience ever). But at Sakae Sushi, they have description. So from the menu in the ipad we tried some 盛り合わせ (moriawase) translation “sampler.”

盛り合わせ (moriawase)
All in the iPad

Then this set 定食 (teishoku) “set meal”, called 春 (haru) translates to “spring”.? (google translate)

haru 春
teishoku set meal

every bite counts..

Getting carried away when you could just easily order from the iPad at your table is easy, after a few “small” bites, I “accidentally” ordered the Grilled butterfish, 白 マグロ 照り焼き Shiro maguro teri-yaki “white tuna teriyaki”

Grilled butterfish (white tuna)

and then dessert.. Matcha(green tea ice cream’s very nice.)

Green tea ice cream

in the end…

The end…

Eventful, interesting, satisfying, adventure… is some of the words that can describe the experience eating sushi. While not an addict of this delicacy, once in a while, a change from the normalcy is always welcomed by me.

The most important rule of how to eat sushi properly is to enjoy every single bite,  if not, it is more than likely the bill and not the wasabi that causes a little heartburn later.

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