Just too hot.


The riverbanks waterline seemed to be far out than usual, the stream as if motionless and dead. No wake from water movement and this was an unusual sight. Undeniably the dry time of the year but THIS is the hottest one that I can remember. Clear indication that nothing is normal this year.


Sun, high temperature, absence of winds and dry humid air, weather bulletin reports 34˚C at day, and few hours of 24˚C night time (4 am) before it starts to rise again together with the sunrise. To add matter worse, news reported water shortage at certain areas due to low-level from reservoirs. Trucks loaded with blue plastic tanks, supplying water are deployed and haze from open burning adds more issues. A total opposite scenario from the wet season.

https://farm8.staticflickr.com/7281/16361768681_790eb10de5_o.jpg low tide

https://farm8.staticflickr.com/7288/16176132850_5c05d0273a_o.jpg before sunset

no escape

Even indoors was so uncomfortable and hot, the fan was just not enough and wearing a shirt made me drenched in sweat. Some said the El-Nino phenomenon was to blame and maybe it is plausible considering the conditions now. News reports says, this “overheating” might continue until September, and warned the public to be prepared, hydrated, and informed of the dangers, be aware of heat strokes etc. One benefit from all of this heat, you could hang your clothes after the spin cycle and it’d be dry in half an hour. Yes, 30 minutes. (imagining: this is probably what it’s like in a laundry dryer) Thought it was just me, being back from a cooler Korea not getting used to the heat but, I’m not the only one complaining when others begin updating FB status and tweeting about it. Then again maybe it is nature’s reminder, how dependent we are on the environment. El-nino reference dailymail.uk and news.com.au


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