Bali beach walk

no reason…

Traveling to bali this time is a little different, because there’s no specific objective or destination. What was supposed to be a trip accompanying a friend to explore Bali didn’t turn out to be as expected because my friend could not come and had to cancel at the last minute… AirAsia has a policy on non refundable bookings, so I made the most of my ticket and she had no option but to forfeit all her cost. Which left me without a plan;
what to do there?
any activity?
explore new place?
or just outdoor activity?
I still had no clear picture at this time

inspiration came

Seeking some tips on Tripadvisor and Triposo, while sitting listening to the radio at a cafe one night, I got the idea to revisit Ubud again, but visiting different attractions, maybe to Goa Gajah, and Tampak Siring for sight seeing and photography, things like that, which should be the starting point of my itenary.

KLIA 2 Travel Day

Travel day, at KLIA 2, this new terminal was completed early May, and the interior is very modern compared to LCCT (low cost carrier terminal) building before. Huge, lots of shopping choices, a wide range of food outlets.

New KLIA2, replacing the LCCT

Now, three floor of shop-lots with variety of choices for food, clothing, duty free shops etc, and there are still empty spaces waiting to be rented. Stop by San Francisco Coffee, made my accommodation booking at Kuta via I would love to just walk-in in bali, but this time I prefer doing it easy.

While on the plane, had some time to read the Bali pocket-book, got myself to re-think about the itinerary.

  • From Seminyak beach head north to pura petingget (temple), and further to Kerobokan and Batubelig.
  • Then next day, to Ubud for Ayung river valley walk. That is the plan for now, and at least I know where I’ll be exploring for the few days and can get a general idea of the places to stay.


landed at Ngurah Rai, Denpasar airport, 2:00pm, walked from the airport to Warung Coco, Gang Soka, Majapahit road, found it after an hour searching, generally knew Majapahit road location from previous visits, but not Gang Soka (“Gang” means alley or small street), so I just keep on walking, going up north until I finally found the “Warung Coco” sign board.

my Guesthouse front door..

The “hostel” is a house, with two rooms, each rooms with two beds.

my messy  room

Dropped my bags, went out again in the afternoon to the beach and looking for some food. Visited the beach and as always, pack with people admiring the sunset, didn’t stay long, then to buy some Hard Rock Cafe shirt, friends request.

Hard rock cafe, nice designs

On the way back, stopped at made’s warung. Popular in lots of traveller reviews (even lonely planet books) Got there early, which was fortunate, as I was waiting for my order, the premises was soon full. Some customers can’t be seated as reservations been made. The food is ok to me, nothing that special and for all that hassle, I’ll go some other place across the street anytime.

It got dark, still early into the night and Legian road not at peak hours yet, stopped by at starbucks (coffee is good for health) to catch the wi-fi and do my reservation for tomorrow.

starbucks, getting online…

The winner, Serenity Eco Guest House, Jalan Nelayan. So I will be walking from Legian beach (from warung coco actually), to Batubelig and to Echo beach. Too bad my suunto is not with me, still under repairs, It would be a great move in my movescount site.


Warung coco, have a nice pool, so I felt bad not utilizing it, went for a half hour swim, to cool down after the day’s walk and it felt refreshing.

day two.

It rained in the morning, just after I woke up. Already thinking I won’t be able to go with my beach walk but as quick as it came, the rain stopped, after 10 minutes. Relieved, I packed my bags and checked out, stopped for breakfast at “Coffee Corner” and went online for a while checking email and so.

Walked for miles from Kuta to Legian beach passing resorts, private property, cafe and temples. From the crowded beaches, gradually less people in sight until there’s no one, just empty beaches,  I keep on walking nevertheless.

empty part of the beach now..

It started to rain again, so I had to stop under the umbrella for shelter at this classy resort, where a security guard almost hustled me away, I don’t blame him as I’m not very presentable at that time with my shaggy T and baggy shorts bought from Cambodia few years back. I look like a homeless drifter. Luckily, it rained just 10 minutes. Said my thanks to the security and moved on.

Mano cafe.. nice beautiful place…

Stop for a drink at Mano, a nice small cafe with the beach view, must have awesome sunset view. Took some pictures of this small crab at the sand, which seems to be playing with the water.

cooling off for a while…
red flag.. no swimming.

Arrived at Canggu beach, where I could see people again sunbathing and swimming.

Canggu beach cafe, got wifi too.

Not busy as Kuta beach, just nice. Lunch by the seaside with the wind blowing, almost blew the salad off by the way but managed to catch it. Nothing special or that tasty, it’s cheap and nice. There’s also good wi-fi available. Uploading to instagram, piece of cake.

can’t remember the name.

Then it was time to look for Serenity Eco Guest House. From the iPhone GPS, and website, the location was near, walked as instructed and easily found it. Check-in without any problem, did its job again.

Serenity guesthouse
reception counter
transport fees from Canggu.

The Guest house, IDR165000 was nice, got swimming pool, near to my room and it was a big room with fan, mosquito netting and private bathroom.

power adaptor is a bit loose

The floor squeaked when walking as the structure is mostly made of bamboo, even the furniture and stairs. So the room is not sound proof and luckily, there are not many guest in house. Beautiful room, and they even provide a small personal safe in the room.

got a very nice room

Late afternoon, to the beach again to watch the sunset and maybe, take more photographs. Got dark and as there’s nothing to do at the beach at night, back to the hotel and requested for a traditional Bali massage for IDR100000, the cheapest one on the list, recommended for relaxation.

day three.

Complimentary breakfast of pancakes and toast. Nothing special but it’s ok for me.

breakfast of pancakes and toast.

Internet connection at the guest house here is good. Managed to get online all the time.

freedom for sure…

After that simple breakfast, went out heading to Echo Beach, Just the same with some “warungs“.

echo beach at the background

Echo beach, restaurants.

Jalan Batu Bolong.
Grocer & Grind, beautiful looking place but kind of lonely…
world famous Echo Beach

Returned back to Canggu beach and had lunch of fish and chips at “Old Man’s” instead. The food is nice and there are lots of options to get by. Thinking of coming back tomorrow.

fish and chip

Then took some more photograph of people at the beach, wind surfing. Got some nice action too.

surfing time

Back to the guest house, went swimming at the pool, don’t really like the sea water actually… Besides, it’s a nice pool, the other guest are friendly and it’s not too hot under the shaded trees.

Nice view of the pool…

Dinner at the guest house cafe, carbonara pasta and papaya juice. Cheaper than eating out at the beach but limited menu items.

day four.

Check out from guest house. This morning, breakfast of fried rice, coffee and juice, decided that I’ll just walk back to Kuta, via the beach, same way that I came in. I like to walk, and run, that’s just it, period. I would have run, if not for the backpack. Walking, running, photography. Excellent combination.

The tide is high this morning and just about to subside, different from yesterday where it was low. Had to cross this water stream at waist-high, lifting my backpack above my head. Got my underwear wet and all but it was not that much dangerous as the stream’s just few feet wide.

Then there’s another stream, smaller than the first one about knee-deep, but I think it is from a drain or sewer water or something. It kind of tell as the wind which blew to my direction, kind of stinks, but the most amazing thing is, there’s this guy, who is lying in the stream, with underwear, taking a bath…? I was stupefied.

Reached Kuta at 2 pm, checked in at my Home-stay “Waringin HomestayJalan Poppies 1. Good location, close to the beach, acceptable Wifi capabilities, swimming pool, big room and bathroom, for IDR190000. The reception said if I had walk-in, he could have given me IDR150000. off-peak. Well… A little loss.

Waringin homestay.
found it using GPS. Waringin Homestay

day five.

Someone mentioned there’s an outdoor shop in Bali, selling outdoor gear with international brands like TNF , Colombia, Deuters and etc… This morning, after a quick shower, walked for 30 minutes to the said shop somewhere in Arjuna street. I was hoping to look for a pair of TNF shoes to be exact.
Unfortunately, there wasn’t much to see there. They got the brands right that’s for sure but mostly are backpacks, pants, jackets, and other little things. I was hoping like a gallery of some sort but It was a small shop lot actually just 15×5 foot like that, the standard. The merchandise got all the stickers, bar code and hologram stickers of authenticity, but… genuine stuff or not, I’m not sure.

outdoor shop “Namaste”

Went back to the guest house, get ready to leave. The foldable waterproof backpack is really convenient for carrying my iPad, charger, camera, wallet, iPhone and other small stuff. I could go to the beach and put my things on the sand, and walk even if it rains. It folds into itself no bigger than my fist.

Foldable and waterproof backpack.

Didn’t planned this, it just happened.

Now it’s time to leave Bali, checked out and was thinking of hiring a bike to the airport, the last time it was IDR20000, then I realized, ever since I got here, I did not use any transport at all! It just happened, not that trying to be scrooge-like miserly, but every time looking to hold a taxi or bike, I’d just, “maybe a little further up the road, just want to see what’s there”, and it keep on going and going until I simply reached somewhere, stop, and realised that I’ve walked for miles, and reached my destination.

Tortoise bus, must be very slow

The beach walk also did some good as well. At first I wore my sandals for the first few kilometers, then I remembered, reading an article about our feet at its best natural motion if walking barefoot. It flexes and contours naturally following our bone and muscles without restriction, the best remedy for our foot.

I believed that as actually my foot feel very comfortable and nice, compared to when walking with sandals or shoes. Much better.

Arrived at the airport a good two hours earlier, walking from Kuta. Officially, this time I did not used any public transport for the whole duration of my stay. Not very good for local public transport industry, but it’s just this one time.


Bali airport, is quite big, the walk from the immigration, to my gate was a good 15 minutes, more or less. Good shops, food outlets and cafes, nice facilities and decorations. Very pleasant.

However, the flight from Bali got delayed well in 3 hours… which resulted into me missing my connecting flight later.

Bali airport, waiting at the departure lounge.

Thus began the new adventure at KLIA2, Fortunately, I was transferred to another flight the next afternoon, which was another 18 hours. Lucky that my flight was delayed for three hours, lesser than that, I would have to acquire a new full-fare ticket. That’s the policy written. IF the Bali flight was delayed 2 hours and 30 minutes, I could still have missed my second flight as the boarding gate would have closed. Note in mind, “Never buy tickets with less than 3-hours gap in between.”

Bali airport

The airline sorted everything as best as possible, had to take the next available flight and what else there is to do but walk around the terminal building window shopping, dinner at subways and even bought a pair of T-shirt for tomorrow.

KLIA2 Grocery store

Set up my “camp site” the floor for the night.

Set up “camp” for the night

Tried to find a room at tune hotels, 5 minutes walking distance from the terminal building, roofed all the way, so rain or shine, guest are protected from the elements, bravo. But, as predicted, walk-in with hope, walk-out, wasted, You are really lucky if you can get a room, walk-in at tune hotel KLIA airport. Hotel lobby, looks very cool and beautiful, same as the terminal building, the hotel is new as well.

Tune Hotels, Lobby.

Got to try the rooms someday. Few hours of shut-eye, then tried some organic food and drink, which was pretty “different” from your average palate, but still cleaned it up probably because I was too hungry.

charcoal noodle and organic juice “organic food”

sunrise. extra day.

Drowsy of not getting much sleep, walk outside some more outside the building. They got this open space with this nice scene of sunrise and the other side, sunset with the apron and parking bays at the foreground.

Sunrise at KLIA2

So cool. It’s actually the designated smoking area as well, so probably not very romantic with all the smoking around.

From nothing to something.

Things didn’t go as planned initially but, I improvised and make the best out of the situation. Discovered interesting things, did memorable stuff, walked an amazing trail, distance and had a wonderful experience at a resort with peaceful beach far away from the normal touristy place. Not to mention the good exercise and therapy that I got for my foot after all that walking. I also meet nice and wonderful people and all other amazing things, needless to say. This is one trip that turned out from nothing, to great.

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