Health Diet Combo: rice, veggies, fish.

Cooking for health

Cooking your own meal is the best thing that you can do to ensure that your body gets the most benefit of your diet. You get to choose the ingredients, know what’s in there, and it’s fresh as it can be, not to mention cheaper than eating out.
Of course, it’s easier eating out, and I love eating out, exploring new things in the menu, but sometimes it gets kind of lame and I would get the urge wanting a simple meal instead.

simple and balanced portion.

The combination of food plays an important factor when enjoying your meal, some things do not go well together. Cooking at home it’s easy to create, I prefer simple and fast to cook dishes such as white rice, salmon fish, and green veggies. Balanced, but I won’t call it a perfect meal as I believe there’s no perfect food out there.

White rice.

Wash about a cup of rice in water, change the water about 2-3 times, until it looks clean enough, does not have to be crystal clear, just enough. Then cook the rice with the proper amount of water. Depends the type of rice, usually the amount of water is twice the rice.

Pan-fried salmon.

fresh salmon fillet,
dash of olive oil
black pepper.
lemon juice.

Smear with olive oil and then sprinkle some rosemary, chopped garlic, grind black pepper, salt onto the salmon.

Low-medium heat.

Place in a non-stick pan and let it cook for 7 minutes with a low medium heat. Squeeze some lemon juice and turn it to cook for another 4 minutes.

Green Vegetables

Vegetables, any leafy kind,
3-4 cloves garlic.
one shallot.
some dried anchovies, or dried shrimp.
oyster sauce,

Clean the veggies and wash thoroughly.
Roughly pound garlic, shallot, and dry anchovies with a pestle.

With a frying wok or pan, heat a tablespoon coking oil, just enough to stir fry the pounded mixture for two minutes, then add the veggies, some salt, a tablespoon oyster sauce, turn the heat to high and stir fry everything for another 30 seconds, add a little bit of water in the end and the dish is done.

garlic and onions sautéed
cook and serve.

Eating habits.

Another thing worth mentioning is that when eating foods, try not to drown them with fluids, meaning, eat your foods with minimum water intake as possible. Make it a habit to drink half an hour after meals, it helps digestion.

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