Something about rain.

Last December 2013, it was raining heavily, the meteorological weather reported that downpour would begin from mid December, before christmas and  continue until early January so it’s January now and I guess it has passed. Well at least it’s getting better…

At first, somewhere October to November, although it was already into the wet seasons, the sun would pop out occasionally, briefly and rain took over again as if teasing us. Hanging clothes at the open became like a cat and mouse game, when it seemed to be sunny we took the opportunity to quickly dry it under the sun and when the raindrop was hitting the rooftop 25-20 minutes later, we rushed and moved all the washing under the roof. Just when we were about to sit and watch TV after that all, it stopped raining and suddenly got sunny.

poor visibility at the airport, end October

Rain all rain…

not the kind of weather you are hoping for

I witnessed one of the wettest season that I could ever remember, it rained from morning till late afternoon, paused for few minutes and would continue again at night until the morning and the cycle continued for few weeks. Every day would be raining till it was getting to a point that I was really amazed, wondering how the sky would hold on so much water. Laundry was getting difficult as we are not used to the wet all the time… The sun was not visible for about 2 weeks, and honestly, it did get scary as there is always a risk of flood. Thankfully I did not have to endure the floods as some other location had to, where some areas was inundated up to chest level, schools had to be closed and being at the end of the year, the final exams for some schools had to be suspended or changed to a later date. Imagine how troublesome that was. The worse that I had to endure was some flooding at the roads where it almost cut me from work that day. A holiday I do not want to take voluntarily or what ever…

Ride the #rain…

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Hazard driving in the rain.


Driving in the rain is kind of dangerous as the visibility is really bad. I got a short clip showing just how bad it is, and take note, the rain during my filming was not that heavy as I have experienced worse.

Then early January, the raining frequency was not that intense It had been raining every day for the past few weeks and that one morning when I drove to work, it was not raining and the drive felt different and awkward… needed few minutes getting used to it. :lol

Rain, brings water and water is essential for life. No rain is bad, a little is ok, a lot is good, too much then it gets scary.


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