The new year 2014

To health, and wellness.

The new year, new motivation? new resolution? Have not much thought about that actually, but I feel it’s going to be a healthy start. I managed to quit smoking after  years of trying. Got into physical training more, getting to the gym, running, jogging and more conscious with my diet. On the other hand however, personal financial does not look too promising this year. Not after the government announced an increases in what seemed to be everything; Government service tax to be implemented, increase in sugar, fuel, toll prices, electricity tariff. Everything going up and up which might had triggered me to quit smoking as a protest to the increase of cigarettes prices the past few month.

Still bearing that into mind, the whole family did celebrate the new year together and we were grateful of what we have. It might not be much but sometimes more does not means to have everything.

We made celebration in a modest and simple way, cooking and trying something new… I had that opportunity (or task) to roast the lamb and chicken with the oven that we had, but I never used before and although the cooking did not go perfectly as I planned, we didn’t care as long as we had a good time.

rosemary and paprika

The lamb was marinated with rosemary, paprika, black pepper, garlic. Roasted for about 15 minutes in 200ºC. It would be easier grilled but then again where’s the challenge?

marinated lambs
chicken wings…

Besides lamb, we got some roasted and grilled chicken wings(roast first and then grilled), fried potatoes wedges and some mixed veggie cooked by mum.

happy meal…

Consuming meat, beef and lamb, is my favourite as they are good for the protein especially when you are actively going to the gym and doing lots of physical training. Figures, since I have quitted smoking, why not lead a healthy life, and go all the way-exercise, diet, sports, all of that right? There’s nothing to lose and so much more to gain. This year might not just be that good in financial terms thanks to government policy, but It’s a beginning to a healthier life. Being active and staying on your top form, makes you feels so much better and alive.

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