The King of Fruit-Durian

Durian is known as the king of Fruits in South east Asia. A lot of people, might detest to the notion of consuming it as food but that again depends on one culture. What ever the reason, it is not too overrated to categorize it as exotic food, even by asian standards as the seasonal fruit is considered “difficult” to get and can be expensive if there’s not much supply.

Selecting the best… 

Chosing durian is not about looks and size. Is kind of difficult if you’re not used to it. It involves some process, skills and knowledge that by some standards can be an asset that might make the purchase worthwhile.


Ironically, what to look for is the smell, should be just right. If the odour too strong, it might be too ripe, if there’s no smell at all, it might not be ripe. Not an exact science but, generally after a few trial and error, you might get it right.


The “sound”. No it does not talk or scream when shaken, but the sound of the fruit being shaken, will be differ depending on the flesh.The flesh of a ripened nice durian is soft, which allows the seeds to move around the shell and knock the inside with a muffled thud. I tried it and still could not differentiate that sound, if any. Then I would think, what if the flesh was thick, nice and so, there wouldn’t be any sound right?

Physical and visual examination…

Size; Big does not guarantee a good batch. Some might say the characteristic of the thorn, the length and how it is spread out, holes on the skin shows if it has been eaten by worms, observe the stem (top) which should look good, intact if possible and the “star” (bottom part). Over ripe durian star would be cracked open.

With practice and luck, all the chosen durian would be good and edible. Even if one slice of is eaten by worm, the rest of it is good and edible.

big fat worms..

this is a cool site for some additional reading..

A good fruit will make a delicious porridge.

A durian porridge, made of good durian, will yield the best. No need to add sugar or salt if everything is right. Cooked with banana, to add the acidity and sourly flavor (use banana which is suitable, not sweet but bit acidic normally used best when cooked) and some cinnamon for that extra aroma. As with any recipe, there will be various version ingredients and technique, but it’s no exact science… the basic principle is that durian are boiled and cooked under fire.

main ingredients, banana and durian
banana, cut evenly..

boil water half a pot, just enough to immerse all the ingredients together. Pandan leaves with some cinnamon stick.

Boil water..

add the durian after water boils.

durian first before the banana

add some coconut milk.

add coconut milk, almost there..

Serve when everything looks right.


No need sugar. Salt, depends. A good Durian is already fruity sweet. There’s a lot of recipe out there that put sugar as one of the ingredients. Just be reminded. The big seeds although are edible if soften enough, tastes just bland and no one will reprimand you for discarding them.

good stomach tips.

Some might say they feel nothing after eating a lot of durian and some might complain of getting hot after consuming, it depends on the person it self, a traditional remedy, is that after eating durian, use the skin of the durian, as a “cup” and drink from it, plain water no coffee, ice or tea because it just would seems silly… do not know if it’s a placebo effect but there’s no harm in trying.

maybe some chemical reaction going on

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