Coffee, the grind and French press…

At first I felt really lazy about doing this but then…

Coffee is not just, coffee powder & hot water -like most of us think. At this point, it could be your favourite drink and brought you at this article in the first place. So why not…

at the cafe

When I started drinking coffee at home, mom made it and she made it quite good as dad was a very stern critic and took his coffee, quite seriously… It did taste good compared to the other that I’d get and drink at some restaurant or food outlet and coffee shops, and I liked it, as it is. Then you get introduced to those fancy, high-class, cafes’, outlets, coffee shops, etc, and suddenly, there seems to be a really big deal out of it. The Cafe’s, the aromatic blend, steamed frothy milk, just took drinking coffee to a different level, can’t remember that first cup, but since then, I kind of read(googled) stuff about coffee and found out that there are actually so many interesting things like;

  • according to legend, a goat herder tried coffee cherries after he noticed his goats acting much more energetic after nibbling on the coffee bushes.
  • they are best brewed at 92-96 ºC,
  • grind your own beans for best taste and freshness, choosing a good grinder is important.
  • Coffee bean processing is complicated – haven’t seen one really processed myself,
  • brewing coffee is an art. barista go for training!
  • there are various types of beans, I still don’t understand how the classification goes, and don’t want to.
  • there are various taste to coffee. Gave up on knowing them all.
  • coffee have been banned few centuries ago, at some places.
  • some people take their coffee really SERIOUS!… but I, on the other hand haven’t reach that point yet. I am just a drinker.
  • there’s an organisation about coffee…!?
  • reheated coffee sucks.
  • kopi luwak, or Civet Coffee.. (Coffee beans which is eaten and then excreted from the civet) is the most expensive coffee in the world.? €550 / US$700 per kilogram?
  • caffeine got lot’s of benefits
  • and some harmful effects

Why do I love coffee…? the taste?, aroma?, the cool relaxing atmosphere at cafe?, the caffeine…? I don’t know, I just like it.

The Grinder and the Press

After thinking about all that coffee maybe its time to get a new grinder… so I chose a small, slick, hand crank grinder from Hario. The French press, Bodum, is from Starbucks… if it’s good enough for display in at Starbucks, it’s good enough for me… Reviews also got some nice ratings for this brand. Yea, it got good built quality, stainless steel and all that.

Hario and Bodum

The burr is made of ceramic… which is the best material for grinding coffee as it won’t produce heat and alter the taste of the beans (said the internet) But it does sounds viable though. Built quality, not so bad… feels solid and very reliable and I have to mention The Hario Skerton, is rated among the best grinders online which led me to choose it in the first place. Notice the lock seal nut used? I bet they built this to last a lifetime if not for the glass jar.

ceramic grinder, the best..?

It also acts as a storage jar, comes with the lid as well. Cool.

comes with the lid as well.
Japan made

It’s not much, but if you like to have your own beans and want that fresh cup of coffee at home once in a while, this is it. Brewing your own coffee is therapeutic by itself. The grinding process, burring of the machine and then fresh coffee aroma out of the grinder just lifts up the mood, so I consider this a very healthy activity at home. So coffee is just not coffee, there’s a lot going on and being the most popular drink in the world? Hmm… Did not quite think of it of that way. images from

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