We do our best

Few weeks ago… our family was back from dinner, I was on the wheels and suddenly the car in front of ours slowed and stopped at the middle of the road. The driver went out picked up something at the front of his car and put it at the kerb. Driving by, it was a very little kitten most probably less than a week old, alone and cold. After some really quick, short discussion, the majority, opted to return back-we picked the kitten and took it home.

#kitten rescue..

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A stray cat, black, big eyes and shivering cold… Just a common breed, nothing special but we took it in as obviously she was abandoned and definitely wouldn’t stand a chance all alone. Placed her in a box temporarily. Looking weak and feeble, we fed it with some cat formula but she wasn’t taking much. Squeaked and mewed very slowly, climbed out the box the next day-good sign as she was looking better and stronger.

However, the next few day, her condition deteriorate, getting weaker, feeding lesser and less active, much less.

She stayed a few night in the voyager, still weak and provided her with anything we could think of that time but getting weaker and weaker still, my sis finally took her to the local vet where some med were prescribed. She took the kitten for two consecutive days.

Today, when I was alone at home, she wasn’t moving much, just laying still, squealed and meowed for a few times and then silent again. Went for few hours like that though. There’s nothing much I could do but just made sure it was warm. Even tried feeding some food and water with the syringe, didn’t went through. When my brother picked her up trying to feed her later, breathing faintly, she just became silent and quiet…

Two weeks after we picked her up from the road side, she finally gave in. We tried our best but unfortunately, she was too weak to fight on. She hung on until she died in my brother hands. It was our loss as well. I was hoping that we could nurture her to be stronger so she would at least have a chance, it was not meant to be.

If we would ever encounter the same situation in the future, we would definitely stop again.


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