Return to Kinabalu

The previous visit, climbing Mount Kinabalu, It was all but excitement and trying to get to the finish line. Now, it’s more of a relaxation and walking at a moderate pace, viewing the scenery and admiring the grand landscape.

getting late…

The trail begin at Mesilau gate, the far side of  the trek, 8km to base camp, Laban Rata. Other younger and physically stronger group members reached Laban Rata few hours earlier than me. I just stayed back and upload some pic to Instagram

Another 2 km to base camp #kinabalu #mountaineering #suunto 8500ft

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Mesilau gate recorded at 6000ft sea level on my suunto when we started the walk and ends at Laban Rata at 10000ft.

#kinabalu #mountaineering

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Night climb

Reaching Laban Rata camp,  we took a rest before continuing early morning for the peak, another 2.5 KM walk, 3000ft climb. Starting at 2:00am, I reached the peak early with few other climbers,  while most of the group rest at Sayat-Sayat hut, the final check point. There’s no reason to reach the peak early before sunrise because darkness won’t make a nice scene to photograph, I only wanted to complete my journey, progressing slowly and consistently, I reached the peak by 5:00 am, took a picture,

5 degrees C, strong winds and fingers numb.

and start descending in the cold 5 degrees Celsius fog and strong winds. A few others passed by and continued their climb.

The whole way down, I made it really slow as I constantly reminded myself of my previous knee injury. Descent is more difficult to my legs than climbing. Better slow and painless, enjoy the scene, took some videos, and photos with my iPhone and iPad. In the cold winds, I couldn’t feel my hands, making handling the device quite challenging.

Decline #mountaineering #kinabalu

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After a short break at Laban Rata, having a nice breakfast, we continued the walk down Mount Kinabalu forest, my legs did feel some fatigue and strain but I finally arrived Timpohon Gate in good estimated time.

I’ll be back

Tired, strain and fatigue, its torture, but I will still do it because I love the rewards, the feeling of accomplishment that comes with it. Took most of the pictures with an iPhone and  iPad, I did feel a bit anxious that they might get dropped or damaged, but thankfully the weather that day was so nice, without any rain in the morning. Some group of climbers  are not so lucky and do not get to the top as heavy rain will force cancellation of the climb. I only hope that next visit the weather will always be in favour.

Suunto review.

I checked my moves with my ambit, but unfortunately, the GPS records wasn’t that accurate on the first phase of the climb (Mesilau to Laban Rata) and one move – the 2:00 am, morning climb to the peak- didn’t upload to my site. Don’t know why but it’s kind of frustrating. Maybe after this check with the online forum.

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