A Highlands Resort

It was an impromptu trip, but Borneo Highlands resort, had been in my mind for quite sometime. I’ve heard this place the first time a few years back and and most of the reviews saying, it’s kind of boring place, nothing much to see, not much activity except golf, nice scene, just nature, a very quiet place and the such.

But, knowing that it was at the high grounds however, was the main factor that made me want to have a look. Maybe I could do some trekking at the country side and enjoy the scenic view.

Low gear all the way up

So with that in mind, I set out to the highlands, which from the airport took about an easy one hour drive to the front main gate, around 50km, where you will be greeted by a security guard on duty and checking your name on the guest list. Then from the guard house main gate another half hour drive-8km-going up-hill on low gear, where the steep winding roads gets really intimidating at some sections but compensated by some “interesting” scenery of the high landscape.

pinterest, panorama view viewing point taken with iphone5. LR edit

The viewpoint at 3281 ft, overlooks into the landscape of Kalimantan, Indonesia, behind the Malaysian border. So In a sense, I guess it was kind of cool.

as far as we get


Things to do

Besides golf, walking and jungle trekking-along the 5 km trail-seems to be the only activity around. So if you love nature, enjoy sight seeing, into photography, a bird watcher, the 1 hour drive here is pretty worth while. Or else, better spend the vacation time and budget elsewhere.

I took the chance, exploring and recorded some movement just for fun with my suunto watch and used it at some point to plot some of my sights in google map.

Food is kind of expensive for the price and taste, unfortunately, but understandably, remote locations, would incur extra cost.

kalimantan pasta

The scenery-can’t say I dislike it- is nice and beautiful. However, it’s partly, still artificial, so the true aesthetic nature feels kind of fake.

Great for golf

Honestly, I’d love to play golf with a scene like that.!

climbing here.?

There are some jungle treks, pathways and climbing trails also available to the peak of mount Penrissen. Didn’t have the chance to try out the climb on this visit as it would take few hours more of time that I didn’t have. Personally, the drive up and going back, was an adventure by itself (make sure brakes are in good conditions, I had to stop few times to let the disc to cool-off), I like the scene very much, and the feeling of wanting to explore the area is overwhelming. The vast open space with the absence of a crowd makes the place seems personal, abandoned and sometimes scary. It didn’t feel like a resort or that sort of thing, more like a private retreat. Some of the land lot have been sold and high class bungalows have been constructed. Beautiful architecture, I’d wish I had one property here myself (daydreaming).

And FYI: Annah Rais Long House Homestay is Just 5 minutes drive from here.

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