having fun with fire

Normally I don’t care much of photographing fireworks, they are beautiful to see and enjoy while it last and taking pictures of them are not one of my “must do things” but, since I got the chance to burn a few boxes of them,  I guess it would be no harm inserting some photographic elements in the activity.


slow shutter

First rule when taking fireworks is placing your tripod and using a slow shutter speed, and in this scene, something of 30 second exposure. Then again, it might not be that suitable sometimes as when 36 continuous burst of flares shooting up, the whole thing is just a mess. My bad.

box of 36 continuous burst

dark area

If possible having a dark area or background so the long exposure won’t make any light source blown out. We scouted for some location, and although there are really pitch black spaces around, I just feel there’s no need for such a “clean background”. Some skyline of the town far away seems nice enough.

walking with the stick


I guess it’s easy when you have the props in control. Small “shooters” firing up 20-30 flares, try pointing them in various directions and maybe walk/run around a bit, get your friends for some help and who knows what pattern might come up. Anyway, we all had more fun burning and running arround shouting at each other coordinating than taking pictures. Besides, isn’t that is what they are all about.?

canon: 50D
EF 17-40 mm L.
30 second exposure/ bulb
F4, ISO 400

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