Travelogue Mulu

About Mulu National Park;

Mulu National Park.
  • the story started about 60million years ago
  • UNESCO world heritage site awarded year 2000,
  • 52864-ha park, 17 vegetation zones, 3500 plants,
  • 295km of explored caves.
  • 2377m high sandstone pinnacle.
  • largest cave chamber known to date. 600mx 415m high.
  • The few ethnic group there… Lun bawang, murut, iban, kelabit, penan, berawan..

day 1

Since my flight to Mulu was not until tomorrow, I had to overnight at Miri for one night, got the cheapest hostel possible, right in front of the airport-walking distance-could even hear the Boeing engines starting up.

The Miri Trail Inn, among the shop houses, second floor, no one was at the reception or anywhere inside the premises when I came. Called the owner’s number and he said to just get in and pick my own room, myself. What a weird check-in, Kind of spooky-not a living soul around. Soon the owner was there and everything was sorted out.

Surrounding area does not have many shop, just few block of shop lot, some eating cafe restaurant, nothing much. One cafe right under the inn. Cheap room, near airport, that’s about it. Comfy.? No. Only two power outlet at a dorm of 8 bed. I was lucky that I was the only tenant that time so I got to charge all my devices to myself. Hope no bed bugs.

day 2

The flight from Miri to Mulu. Is only 30 minutes, From Mulu airport to the park HQ is 1450m, as the signage said.

  • Transportation fare to park HQ, RM5. Some of the tourist, just took the walk.
  • Along the road to park HQ, there are just a few home-stay, for rm15, rm35… Not that many but there’s option to staying in the park chalet or expensive resort-better accommodation, go for the resort-further up the road.
  • First impression, the food is damn expensive here. Fried noodle RM7.50-RM10 Mineral water 1.5 litre bottle, RM6.00.
park office, taken with iphone5

I made my tour booking at the park office shortly, staff is good, informative, and the park seems organized. Booked for dear and Lang cave tour, could not get the garden of Eden tour – which includes both lang and dear cave in the itenary- as it’s fully booked. Same goes for the pinnacle trail. Fully booked in advance.

grouping up

Dear cave & Lang cave tour starts at 2pm, from the HQ. went with a group of 8, walked about 2 km and arrived at Lang cave opening. Then we went to Dear cave, just by the side another entrance, it was huge.! Breath-taking scene. The small torch light, just couldn’t reach the ceilings. Camera flash? speedlite?-save the battery-they wouldn’t be of use. (largest cave chamber known to date. 600mx 415m high.)

inside deer cave

Our guide was nice, very professional, gave lots of info and friendly. It’s an easy walk as the trail is of wooden planks and you’d get the feeling that you want an option of walking it by yourself, but guides are still required to visit the caves, most probably to ensure the tourist do not damage the surrounding area or do anything stupid I guess. We are forbidden to touch the stalactites and stalagmites or what ever formation as it would damage them.


After the caves, off to see the bat exodus. Unfortunately, it was a disappointment after 2 hrs waiting. They didn’t came in volume, but small batches.

day 3

Clear water & cave of the wind.

Long boat ride, stop at the market and got some souvenir from the Penan community.

long boat navigator. They know when to turn and slow down.

-Enter wind cave. Beautiful,

-Enter Lang cave, even more beautiful.

beautiful caves. The scene is just unbelievable.

after the tours, had a swim at Lang cave entrance. I didn’t realised that the boat & 2 other tourist, had to wait for us.

-Back at park, did a self trail to paku waterfall.. nothing much. Took the loop 8 km. back at the HQ by 5:00pm. nice trail running.

day 4

-Tour start at 10am (pre booked) canopy walk. Walking among the tree tops at 20m high, 480m length, not much animals, just many greens.

canopy walk.

-Other returned but I continue walk at the trails doing the kenyalang loop. Another few KM walk. Nothing much. I was back at the Park HQ within 4 hours.

insects greens. look closely and you’d find a lot of them.

-Booked the fast lane tour tomorrow at 2:00pm. Rm55.

day 5

Fast lane tour starts at the jetty, boat ride to lagang cave, same route as previous day en-route to clear water cave.

Another large dark cave. No lights, at all inside, we had to use the torchlight all the times. But still, it’s another cave as the others.

– if i had done the adventure caving it would have included the Lagang cave as the adventure caving-beginners level, begins there.

Lagang cave.

I can’t help wondering and admiring the caves interior, Imagining all that space occupied by seawater millions of years ago. It’s a feeling that’s just indescribable.

day 6

Self walk, unguided, so I decided to complete the Botanic & night loop. Begin around 11:30 am Until 2:30pm.

wet white bug. The name.

Pictures, insect, plants, mushroom. That’s it. Done Mulu Park itinerary for now and I am not even scratching the surface. So much area unaccessible and more adventures to do.

a carnivorous pitcher plant

day 7

Flight to Miri… Bye Mulu.

The tours are nice.. Easy and suitable for a family with kids. Just Visiting the caves and sight seeing is simple. For more adventurous, extreme activity, get a different option such as adventure caving, longer walks- pinnacles, summit climb or head hunter trail. All requires early booking. Way early.!

Food here is much too expensive by standard.-Rm20 per meal average including drinks-due to the inaccessibility. Raw material are supplied by boat and if the dry seasons, the river are too shallow for them to come, resulting a serious shortage of supply. There’s no power lines coming through, so guest house use generators which makes them very limited, some only running from 5:00pm to 11:00 pm. Shops..? Better prepare good before coming.

Even though I didn’t get to do my initial objective- The Pinnacles climb, I am satisfied with the sight seeing for that few days. A Well spent 5 days. Mountain climbing.? I guess that would be another time. All pictures are by 50D, EF 17-40mm except Pinterest images.

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