From Windows to Apple.

Windows default..

I’ve been a windows OS, born and breed for ever since I had my hands on the keyboard…. basically know the system inside out and every crack and fault that it is to be dealt with. c:/… cd:/.. For one reason or another, I decided converting to Apple. Most of you, probably would have their own reasons, which might be the same, stability?, security?, reliability?, is apple OS more of the previously said or is it just that overrated or exaggerated by all the marketing and campaign over the years.?

Definitively a debate that would take me nowhere and might lead to some one being pissed off or wort case scenario, legal action. So lets not take it there. Besides, I believe no system is perfect, each have their own flaws, weakness and being able to accept these limit is what really counts.

Shocked by McBook

My faithful laptop been in service for 5 years, without contributing any major problems whatsoever, maybe because of the installed Norton antivirus, a shield from all that malicious virus and insects, but I guess it was getting senile, slow, and overloaded with updates and updates… I still can’t understand what are they updating and why can’t they delete the old updates, very annoying. So I guess because of that, after being a faithful windows follower for years (not counting all the other pc, desktop I had owned previously) I kind of got tired and decided to try a new operating system.

Simple enough.. Apple was my choice as it was the only alternative available, the hard part came on to what model to choose and what configuration to get as everyone knows, apple comes by so expensive and hardware upgrading won’t be possible after purchase, so think carefully before clicking that confirm button. Do, a lot of research and comparing, which didn’t much help as apple was still alien to me. I finally ended with one very pricey MacBook, with only just a few more step from the full spec and features. I had to re-evaluate and check my budget.

First two weeks was a nightmare, I had no idea the how, what, where… Things was different, opposite and believe it or not, even the keyboard felt awkward, kind of ridiculous when you think of it as they are only different because of the names they are assigned to. There’s even a support class at the service centre where you get to attend free class and tutorial for transitioning from windows system to apple. I wasn’t eligible as I shopped online and would have to pay for the classes if I wanted to attend them.

learning bit by bit, online, reading, you-tube videos, the few weeks goes by and it gets better, now, although still not an expert, everything feels natural again. Guess the concept of input and output is still much more the same on any machine.

apple family

iPhone took over.

Previously, I owned a S3 but for some reason, we didn’t get along very well… It often got into trouble, sometimes the application got stuck, the charger for some reason got damaged, got a new charger, earphones damaged, got a new one but of course it was not as good as the original one and many more things that made the experience unpleasant and not fun. As a device that’s supposed to help makes your life easier, becomes the bane of your life, it seemed logical for a replacement. Now, be clear that this is on my personal experience and not related to any professional in-depth research or statistical data. I just didn’t get along very well with S3.

great packaging

Apple stuff comes in a nice protective box, I was elated, tearing the clear plastic cover. Unwrapping an apple product is a unique feeling that is hard to explain. It might sound a bit exaggerating, but truthfully is, Apple sure knows how to make those small things count. Everything seemed nicely fit and organised. So after about a month using a MBP, I got iPhone-ed.

A new world.

New system, new interface, everything… It wasn’t easy at first. No, I had to get used to everything Apple. All that iCloud, iMessage, iPhoto, i-that, i-this. (so many i’s). Even the menu was different from what I was used to but eventually I got along well with my mcBook and iPhone after reading and online help. I was happy with the OS, software, looks, colour, everything.!! la la la la la.. So happy as a matter of fact…. I got an iPad mini..!!. I liked the Apple family so much that I fell in love with it. Everything’s simple, synching and working smoothly. Yes it was intimidating at first, all the changes and file transfer was a wreck with so much work to do but doing things slowly and organized helped the transition process. From my personal experience so far, I’m enjoying the working platform apple has to offer now better than what I have had previously. Just hope that we get along together for years to come…


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