watching mum cooking bone soup

Soup, broth, stew..?

My favourite dish, soup, or is it stew? maybe it’s defined as broth.?? who cares… Let it be fish, beef, chicken or vegetables, they are just too enticing, A personal liking. While I do like grilled, steamed or stew style of cooking, Soup or any resemblance to soups, will always be number one. Mum makes the best in the house, so when she was cooking soup this fine afternoon, I couldn’t resist to pester and be a busy body.

What’s in there…

Cow’s bone with some meat attached, approx. 2.5kg

cleaned nicely

Groundnuts. Might have some effect on the overall taste.

these may do something to the taste

Spices; cinnamon, star anise. Sauté and set aside for later.

just a little bit.

::cinnamon- kayu manis, star anise –bunga lawang (Illicium verum) Sup bunjut-a combination of whole spices tied up inside a piece of small square muslin (gauze-like cotton) like bouquet garni. This is called “sup bunjut“. “Sup bunjut” uses dried spices to make chicken soup with Malay spices or the very popular oxtail soup. “sup bunjut” is conveniently packed. Inside the muslin wrapping, exact amount of spices are already measured for specific amount of meat or chicken.

Garlic, shallot, ginger. saute garlic and shallots, set aside for later.

The Cooking process…

Prepare water in a pot, bring to boil. Add the bone into water after water starts to boil and wait for a few minute before the mix returns to boiling point again. lower heat to allow for a simmering action. Add the sauté spices, groundnuts and garlic. Simmer for 2 hours.

looking good already

When the meat is cooked and tenderly done, add salt to taste and serve with sprinkled sautéed garlic and shallots which have been prepared earlier. The meat comes out soft, I could just pull the meat off from the bone effortlessly, when in the mouth the texture seems just to melt away releasing the juice and all that flavoury meaty taste. It’s such a simple process and you would not believe it even if you are looking at it. At this time of writing… the aroma of that broth in the pot just fills the house and made my tummy growling. Time to eat.

2 thoughts on “watching mum cooking bone soup

    1. a mother’s touch is always different, unique.. I can try but I bet it won’t get the same compliments from the other family members.. 🙂

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