Tea time at the highlands.

A cup of tea..

Seems all that familiar, but then again.. it’s not that simple. I realised a lot of things about tea that I had not known before, all because of wanting to blog about my recent visit to Cameron Highlands, a very big tea plantation in Malaysia. I googled Cameron Highlands, which lead to, tea etiquette, tea brewing, tea recipes, (capputeano, mint tea, cinnamon tea, almond tea, holiday tea..?? ) and on and on until I didn’t want to read anything anymore about tea.. 😛 I have nothing against tea and do drink tea occasionally and while some do regard tea drinking as a ceremony or even having its own social significance, I do enjoy a cup of tea with my own style and preference. Yes.. there’s an article teaching on how to enjoy a cup of tea.

Going there

Is not a cup of tea… there are buses and taxis, but the frequency is not that encouraging and going there by your own car might be the best choice. It is accessible either via KL, Tapah or Kuala Lipis, With an average road trip of two hours from those points.

The landscape is one that is to be admired when first reaching here. Green valleys and hills decorate the surroundings and make for an astounding view. Climate there is described as cool wet, very humid and due to its high altitude from the rest of the tropical landscape, it has a unique almost different ecosystem.

one of the plantations

Besides the landscape view, we get to visit the plantations and of course enjoy a cup of tea first before doing anything else with the lush landscape as a background.


Being an agriculture centre, Strawberries are also in abundance, not forgetting vegetables and flowers. So you get to visit the strawberry farm, eat a lot of them…

No filter from #iphone5 #strawberry cake .. Both delicious …

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Go see lots of flowers…

#cameronhighlands #rose center #travel

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at the rose center.

forgot the unique name
on top of one of the hills overlooking the surroundings at Rose centre

I found that even cactus grows big here. Almost the size of my head, maybe it’s due to the climate.?

#cactuspoint #cameronhighlands

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Time tunnel museum

An attraction not to be missed. It’s located somewhere along the road and easily sighted. The cafe also serve nice tea and snack after visit. The ticket gives a 5% discount on beverages only, but  I was hungry and grab the set with the cake.

time tunnel entrance.

They got lots of tiny things, relics, classical.  Stuff from the old days found and kept here. The entry fee is RM5 per person.

#roleplay #selfportrait #bar #classic

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old days.

walking through time, best describes this museum and in my opinion is worth the entrance fee paid. After an hour or so, it’s time to recharge.

That' what I call #powerbank haha

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Market place

The market place at the road entrance of the rose center is interesting but strangely there are no parking provided, so vehicles would park at the roadside and congest the place. Here everything agricultural that you can buy at Cameron Highlands is sold here.

dried fruits

I enjoyed the fried broccoli and mushroom.

#streetphoto #selfportrait #streetfoods

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There seems to be many indians there, and when passing by, saw the was a number of them  celebrating something. I wasn’t sure what but it involved music, dancing, some parade and coconut smashing. Always interesting to watch.

only one float that day.
seems fun…

relaxing cool and calming..

Those are the words I’d used to describe Cameron Highlands.. it’s a place of relaxation and to cool off… I mean really cool off and get away from the tropical climate. Night gets even colder and although I didn’t need winter clothes, it was a good 20°C. Didn’t had the time to go hiking in the jungles, but I haven’t seen any reviews or experience from previous travellers regarding the jungle adventure here. Most of the attraction highlighted are of those already mentioned above, so I’m considering there’s not much of an interesting trail to follow and might not be worth the trip up here if hiking is the main objective. The tea, although per cup is substantially more expensive than those that we can get at the lowlands, It didn’t stop me from enjoying them while up here. I still wonder why as the plantations are just within spitting distance.

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