Went too far on my off-day.

After work,

I packed some clothes in my small backpack, took my camera and 35mm prime cheap lens, 2 battery and wallet, sufficent for one night and two days, the destination took an hour and twenty minutes of flight time from my home airport. All started because my friend had persuaded me to go and join him to come along. Since the air fare was not that expensive, I just followed suit and enjoyed the journey.

Manukan Island

Kinabalu, Sabah is well known for Mount Kinabalu and apart from that, the beautiful beaches that surrounds the state. There are still even more beautiful and more exotic locations reviews online but Manukan Islands is one of the closest to Kota Kinabalu City. The Boat fare both ways is around RM30 and fees for various activity there depends on what you want to do, and how much you are willing to spend. Personally to enjoy and have all the experience there, I guess you would have to get a budget of around RM300-RM500, And some courage as well, because some of it might be a bit scary and extreme for some that do not know how to swim. 😀

view from the beach.. sunny day and it is hot.!

Looking for a good time at the beach and having some fun, this is the place to be but the heat just made me want to leave quick.

love the water..

I just love the water, beautiful and clear that you could even see the fish swimming around.

pano taken by iphone5, bit crappy but just fun to do.

Time to go home.

After the beach and all, we went back and I head for some shopping to get some stuff for the guys back at home near the Philippine Market, (it’s just how they call the market at the waterfront, not the real Philiphines). Later that evening, head for the airport to catch my flight. The taxi driver gave me a number that didn’t work and fortunately, getting a cab was easy and near, managed to get one to the airport for a fee of RM30. Tomorrow afternoon, I’m back to work..!


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