Simple Spaghetti with minced meat tomato sauce

Cooking spaghetti

Spaghetti, pasta is not the staple food here in asia, so we seldom make it, but cooking spaghetti sure is fun.! Even though we did not do a perfect job preparing it like the Italians do, it is still one of my favourite and  interesting dish to prepare. So if you are looking for the perfect, original, and classy taste of the pasta, better get the recipe at a proper cook site. This version is probably the easiest, and fastest way to cook it. Straight to the supermarket, get the necessary ingredients and start cooking.


For this simple situation, Camera setting for a 50D with my Tamron 17-50mm f2.8 DiII, on camera ex580 is; Full manual, shutter speed of 1/200, aperture 4.0 all the way. All photos edited minimally adjusting exposure, shadows and highlights.


 The ingredients:

San remo pasta 100 gm used

Canned Prego mushroom tomato 300 gm

Tomato puree 220 gm

Minced beef 200 gm

Button mushroom 200 gm

Garlic 5 cloves more or less.

1 medium-sized onion chopped to a nice small cubes.

Mozzarella cheese. (parmesan would have been better though some might debate it)

some black pepper to taste.

creating the sauce.

With a non stick pan set the heat at medium high, saute the garlic and onions, and wait a few minutes for the aroma to rise before inserting the minced beef, then add mushroom while keep on stirring. As the meat begins to change colour, add the canned spaghetti mushroom sauce and tomato puree. Since most of the main ingredients are canned and bought from the market, the taste of the sauce, is basically out of our control, so adding salt, black pepper or some sugar to tweak the taste is very important and the selection of good reputable and quality ingredients in the first place is also paramount.

onions, garlic and a good fry pan

I tried to cut the onions into nice small cubes but instead ruined it so what my sister did was just chop chop chop..! Besides trying to make it look nice, the reason of doing so is that you would get the flavour distribution better as the onions will cook evenly. No big chunks of onions uncooked here or small smashed over cooked onions there.

Meat, cook well.

Fresh home-made minced meat of course would be much better and tastier.

Tomato puree

Mushrooms are also sliced evenly.

into the pot and add some water.

preparing the pasta

Cooking the spaghetti or pasta, although seemingly so simple and easy, care and attention is needed to ensure that it does not get too overcooked and soggy. With a boiled water added with some cooking oil and some salt, ensure all the pasta is submerged underwater for an even cook. Should it be a boiling water or just let it sit there in simmering water for a slow cook really depends on the pasta itself and how you wanted it, for this time, we chose to slow cook with a low fire. After the pasta is cooked, do not leave it in the hot water but immediately lift it and using a good stainless steel strainer, drain the water out, it can be kept aside and reheat later on for consumption.

cooked “al-dente” to the tooth

Serve the pasta hot and pour the sauce on top sprinkled with grated mozzarella cheese and watch it melt under the heat. Stir and serve immediately. While it’s still warm. Spaghetti for some reason really sucks if it’s cold.

Simple and fun meal.

The meat and tomato go really well together, enhanced by the garlic and onions for that meaty taste to came out. The cheese, bit sticky (parmesan might be a better option) but that’s what made it special. I just like the meaty sour tomato taste and all that garlic, fused with the pasta combined making a nice textured taste in my mouth.

Another thing that makes this my favourite food to prepare compared to most of the traditional dish that I normally eat is because there are less preparation, process and ingredients involved. Besides it’s more interesting doing some experiment and testing.

There are various other more exciting versions available, but for the fun of cooking and photographing the process, this is indeed a better way to spend the weekend in the kitchen.

Spaghetti is ready

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