Hunting for action. Hot spring

Navigating with GPS and Google map.

It was a normal day as usual and after work, my friends suggested for an activity that would occupy us for the rest of the day, so I suggested that we visit a hot spring at Kampung Panchor nearby Serian. It was arranged that we would meet up later on and try looking for it. Since none of us had been there and yet alone know the location of the place, we had to rely on google map and gps to get us on the right track.

After a few hours later, we were driving to our first way-point (Lat1.256838, Long 110.474126) the cross-road where we are supposed to make a turn. As accurate as it was, the coordinates brought us directly at the cross-road leading us into the village. There is a small sign board but I often miss it when driving by.

final 4 kilometers

Exiting the main road and following the narrow and winding twisting road towards the spring, makes driving a little slow, even slower at the final kilometers because of loose uneven gravel roads plus the potholes.


The spring has been there for a long time since the 1800, known only to the local villagers. It has only been recently acknowledged by the government and the official opening ceremony was done by the local Deputy Tourism Minister on the 8th September 2012. Since then there have built some basic amenities for the visitors and the place looks better and more organized.

water source covered under the steel mesh

We paid an entrance fee of RM3/ pax, and walked through the ticket booth over an elevated gangway, passed by the changing rooms and a small retail shop and a cafeteria where you can have a meal or drink. Nothing fancy apart from some basic meal and simple local dishes home cooked. From there we could see the other visitors dipping themselves in the water.

should have bought my shorts …

Half of the area there are roofed so I guess when it rains or get too sunny we could always take shelter.

Feels so good

We was not planning to stay too long there, mostly just for photographing and sight-seeing I regret not bringing my shorts and get in the water. The temperature written at the notice is 42°C. Although I felt it was higher.

Surrounded by forest and nature, this location offers serene and calm atmosphere. There are not many staff there and most of the patrons there are locals themselves. So I’d guess the maintenance and house keeping is done by the locally appointed keeper.

steam vapors is visible at times.

Water quality by my observation is not all that awesome.. I’d have to say that I would not use it to gargle or wash my mouth yet alone taste it.  It flows slowly to the back of the compound and left to disperse by itself.

chill out, have a drink and enjoy the moment.

There is also no bathing place at the compound for rinsing your body after wards, don’t know if it’s intentional just to simplify operations or not,  however there are toilets and changing rooms provided.

water flowing out and away…

A good found

Not too far from the city about (40 km) it’s a place that should be visited. What I like about it is that the location from the main road is not that far and thus making it very accessible. The loose gravel road didn’t bother me much as it was just a short road. The water is great, said to have healing therapeutic values, which I have yet discover but may be true as hot springs are known to contain some minerals in them and there are also statements in local newspapers validating the theory, but I do not expect them to be of magical powers. Good for the skin, blood circulation and stress relieving therapy, maybe. More than that I would start to doubt it. But still a good place to relax and release steam after a long day work.

don’t know if the cat likes to bathe in the warm water.

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