A Mirage Fighter

Flipping my Time apps on my phone screen, I got a glimpse of an article about this Iran made stealth fighter aircraft. looking cool and futuristic with the wingtip being curved downwards like that reminded me of Star Trek Klingon’s bird-of-prey. While I do love fighter aircraft, the designs, technology, speed and whatever, let it be known, I do not concur war or any act of aggression what so ever among human beings.

It also reminded me of these pictures I made a year back…


Fighter aircraft are just aesthetically beautiful in my mind.

low flypass

The roaring sound of the engines just reverberates and we can just imagine the awesome power it has overhead us.

realistic but not real

Maybe what we really liked about a fighter aircraft is that it depicts freedom. They can make awesome maneuvers in the air, fast, loud, dangerous, all that in one package.

where’s the pilot.?

Back to the pictures.. They aren’t even real aircraft, notice that there is no one in the cockpit.?  They are actually a scaled model, belonged to a friend and I still am not sure of the type of aircraft it depicts. I found it sitting on a table top, with the stand and holder made of plastic.

It was late afternoon and the sun down at a nice angle, so I took the model outside the balcony, studied the background and composed the shot as best I could so as if it was actually flying. I was also careful holding the model and always keeping in mind that my hand or the angle of the miniature would not make processing and cloning the surrounding space around it a nightmare later on. After a few shot and about half an hour of photoshop, the results are as seen.


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